British Army Is Defeated In Southern Iraq


US Intelligence officials have told the ‘Washington Post’ that the British army has been defeated in southern Iraq, and specifically in the second city of Iraq, Basra.

There, the various militias control the streets, and 500 British troops are currently under siege in Basra Palace, surrounded, as US intelligence has it, like cowboys and Indians, or more specifically like General Custer.

In fact, the British forces have long ago given up patrolling the city, and were unable to stop the British consulate being set ablaze.

For a period they had been attempting to mount punitive expeditions from the Palace, and from Basra airport, made up of armoured columns led by tanks and overflown by helicopters, and even jet fighters, to periodically try to teach the people of Basra a lesson.

However, even these forays were repeatedly ambushed as soon as they left base, and the rise in the number of casualties, and the risk of even heavier casualties from roadside devices and rocket attacks, brought such forays to a halt.

Now the Iraqi puppet governor of Basra has revealed that the British army is handing all security responsibility over to him, and is about to retreat to its Basra airport base outside the city, where no doubt, it will come under incessant mortar and rocket fire as the insurgents seek to disable the runway.

It is only a matter of time before the British army has to cut and run out of Iraq.

Their only consolation is that they have far less distance to run than the US forces. These are stretched out hundreds of miles to the north, as far as the Syrian and Jordanian borders.

The US surge has in fact only worsened the strategic position of the US and its allies, since it has proven that a record number of US troops in Iraq, 162,000 of them in all, has not made a jot of difference to the strategic situation.

The reality is that the Maliki puppet government is collapsing, the puppets are at each others’ throats, while the different insurgent groups are discussing what kind of Iraq is going to replace the occupation.

The collaborators in and around the government already have their bags packed, and their families are back in Surrey, if they ever left it.

Recent attempts to account for the many billions of dollars of aid that have been handed to the puppet regime, but disappeared, have reached the conclusion that a lot of it is in secret Swiss bank accounts, and is earmarked to provide a luxurious retirement for government officials who arrived in the baggage trains of the US troops and will leave along with them.

Everybody in Iraq grasps that we are in the last days of the occupation. This is especially true of those who have been helping the US and UK troops on the ground. These are the translators and those Iraqis who have been working for the US in the Green Zone.

They have been demanding that they must have visas so as to be able to retreat along with the imperialist troops back to the US, the UK or the EU, otherwise they will all be killed.

The US is being embarrassed into agreeing to their requests, the Danes have given them visas. It is only the British who have refused.

In true British imperialist style, the Foreign Office is not worried whether they live or die if they have outgrown their usefulness. British imperialism is much weaker these days, but it still rates 10 out of 10 for cold-blooded, murderous ruthlessness.

The British workers must demand the immediate withdrawal of all British troops from Iraq, that full compensation be paid to the Iraqi people, and that Blair and his war cabinet are put on trial for war crimes. They have a duty to the Iraqi workers to see that this is done.