Berezovskiy goes bust as capitalist crisis deepens!


POLICE were yesterday searching the home of Boris Berezovskiy. They were desperately looking for chemical, biological or nuclear material, so that they could blame the death of the bankrupt Oligarch onto the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Berezovskiy was one of the gang of opportunists who emerged out of the ranks of the Communist Party and the Stalinist bureaucracy to plunder the USSR, once Gorbachev, and then Yeltsin, gave the green light to try to restore capitalism.

The Russian workers hated and still hate the Oligarchs who sought to pocket the entire wealth created by the USSR. They rose up to fight the restorationists, and after a drunken Yeltsin was forced to retire, Vladimir Putin tried to halt the developing political revolution of the working class by breaking with those Oligarchs who were determined to be US and UK agents, and were not prepared to accept the political leadership of the Kremlin.

Berezovskiy was forced to flee Russia and dedicated himself to overthrowing the Putin regime and destroying all of the gains of the Russian revolution. He became an open imperialist agent.

The UK ruling class is now seeking to blame the death of Berezovskiy onto Putin to further their struggle to complete the counter-revolution and restore capitalism in Russia, at a time when capitalism is in its biggest crisis ever and desperately needs to seize the huge mineral resources of the USSR.

Putin’s aides have said that some months ago the once mighty Berezovskiy wrote to Putin and asked Russia’s forgiveness for his actions and said that he wished to return to Russia.

The reality of the current situation is that while Russia and China have strengthened in the face of the capitalist world crisis, this same crisis has delivered hammer blows to world capitalism and undermined the fortunes of the Russian Oligarchs, including those who have some 30bn euros in Cypriot banks.

Berezovskiy in fact was broke. He admitted to his cronies that he was finished! He is not alone. His political masters in the USA face a state indebtedness of $16 trillion, while the UK ruling class is living off hopes.

The Russian workers will cheer the bankruptcy of Berezovskiy and hope, and work, for a similar fate for the other Oligarchs.

It was Leon Trotsky who predicted that the Stalinist policy of ‘Socialism in a Single Country’ would lead to the bureaucracy attempting to restore capitalism.

He said that the way forward for the Russian workers was, as part of the world revolution, to organise a political revolution at home to restore the power of the soviets.

Today the capitalist system is gripped by its greatest world crisis ever. This is driving forward the world revolution of the working class as it delivers hammer blows at the ruling classes of the planet, and ruins the Oligarchs who thought that they would become the rulers of a capitalist Russia.

The reaction of the Russian and Chinese Stalinists to this world crisis is in line with their history.

They seek to help the capitalists of the US and UK resolve their crisis by buying the debt of their ‘partners’, and by helping them out as they did in Libya.

Having got their fingers burnt there, they are now adopting a modified policy of seeking to make a peace deal in Syria that will include the retirement of Assad, while seeking to strengthen themselves in case of imperialist attack, by Russia moving towards a union state of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, on the one hand, and by Russia and China coming closer politically, economically and militarily.

There is however only one way out of the world crisis for the working class of the world. This is through organising the victory of the world socialist revolution, putting an end to capitalism and imperialism in the US and UK in particular. This means building sections of the Fourth International in every country to take the struggle forward to victory.