THE UK faces a ‘democratic crisis’ with voters being targeted with ‘pernicious views’ and data being manipulated, a parliamentary MPs committee warns. According to their report, ‘our democracy is at risk and now is the time to act’, against the internet.

What they are complaining about is that the electorate made up of the working class and the middle class are in revolt, will not listen to their MPs, and are now reacting politically to the developing crisis of capitalism that is driving them to dependency on food banks, creating a situation that is imposing homelessness on them, as the intense austerity turns them into paupers who send their children to school hungry while they cannot guarantee a roof over their heads!

This is a long way from the heady days before the great crash when Gordon Brown boasted that everything was OK, and that he had resolved the boom to bust cycle that makes up capitalism, and had sold off half of the UK’s gold reserves so confident was he that there would be no more crises. No sooner had he done this then the system crashed, and Brown dashed off to the US to agree a policy of rescuing crisis-hit capitalism by printing billions of US dollars and British pounds to nationalise temporarily Ford in the USA, and save the major British banks from oblivion.

Then came Quantitative Easing and the handing over of more billions to the banks, who were saved and saved again while the working class was thrown to the wolves, with Cameron and the Tories carrying on from where Brown left off with a massive austerity drive. Millions of UK workers were ruined, and pauperised and have never had a wage increase since then, a situation that has kindled a real class hatred of bankers, bosses and capitalism.

The end result is that when Cameron stupidly called a referendum to get the working class to agree to stay in the EU so as to defeat his ‘rebels’, the workers seized the opportunity to bring him and Osborne down! May was appointed to be the PM, and revealed her real ignorance of the political situation when she called a snap election, after Tory press polls showed that she had a 20% lead over Corbyn.

The working class responded by removing her majority so that she had to fork out £1 billion to pay the DUP to vote for the government in parliament. Now she has shown the chronic weakness of the British bourgeoisie by allowing the EU to do to the UK what it did to Greece, humble it as a prelude to destroying it. The result of these displays of political cowardice is that the working class has lost all respect for the ruling class and does not see why it should pay for the bosses crisis or make any more sacrifices for them.

That this is an international phenomenon can be seen by the fact that the Brexit result convinced Trump, the US adventurer, that he could beat Clinton by promising to restore US jobs. Now he is driving his trade war policies forward to the point of a world-wide explosion and a new war amongst the capitalists to redivide the world.

All over Europe the masses are rising up. In France ‘Emperor’ Macron has been brought down to earth by the French trade unions, and his popularity and prestige has vanished after he allowed his security chief to don a police uniform to batter demonstrators! The scandal is now so intense that the President of France has issued a denial that he is the lover of the security aide. How the mighty have fallen and how they are being humiliated.

In this situation of developing crisis and uprising, the UK parliament is on the point of organising an anti-Brexit political coup to try and force through a second referendum over Brexit. This will bring the UK to the brink of civil war.

None of this crisis was invented by Russia or produced by fake news on the internet or in the British capitalist media. The MPs call for an end to internet freedom is just an expression of their intense fear of the working class and revolution. The masses of the working class will react to any attempt to begin to impose an open bourgeois dictatorship in the UK with a socialist revolution. Of this there is not the slightest doubt.