Anti-Brexit coup under way – ‘Country before Party’ means bringing in military police state!


WITH PM May seeking a miracle rescue by the EU getting rid of the backstop, in the real world a coup is being launched against the 2016 Referendum result by the House of Commons pro-EU majority to get rid of Brexit.

The May government should, by now, be history. The PM’s EU deal was rejected by the House of Commons by 432 to 202 votes – the biggest defeat ever. She was let off the hook when Labour leader Corbyn – instead of demanding her immediate resignation and then calling for the labour movement to strike and take to the streets to put her out of office – adopted May’s own suggestion that he table a motion of no confidence.

In fact, she was confident that, with Tory MPs terrified of a general election and losing their livings, those Tory MPs that had backstabbed her on the deal vote, would vote for confidence in her to save their parliamentary skins. Labour leader Corbyn has been walking a tightrope between the mass working class vote to ‘Leave’ and his right wing MPs who are desperate to ‘Remain’.

On Monday afternoon he told the House of Commons: ‘The logic of that decisive defeat is that the Prime Minister must change her “red lines” because her current deal is undeliverable . . . The first thing she must do is rule out no deal.’

He then set out Labour’s aim to remain permanently in a customs union, the single market and, not ruling out a people’s vote or second referendum to stay in the EU. By Monday night he had ‘ruled in’ a second referendum when Labour tabled an amendment on two options to be voted on next Tuesday. The first option is to change the Withdrawal Agreement and the political declaration to secure a permanent customs union and single market access. The second is to hold a second referendum on Brexit. Corbyn has made his decision!

Tory MP Dominic Grieve has also put forward an amendment that would allow 300 MPs (including 10 Tories) who, with the support of Speaker Bercow, could table indicative votes on a second referendum to show that MPs support a second referendum, the revocation of Article 50 and a permanent customs union.

Speaker Bercow would also be able to decide that these votes are actually binding. What we have here is the active preparation of a coup against the 2016 Referendum result in order that the ruling class gets its way to stay in the EU.

All this heroic work of disenfranchising the working class is to be done under the banner of ‘Country before Party’, and will be crowned by a government of national unity, with Corbyn as one of its figureheads – if they can get away with it.

In fact, such will be the hostility of millions of people to an attempted coup against Brexit that the army, the defender of the capitalist nation state, will have to intervene to maintain and restore order.

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat leader, speaking in Monday’s debate said: ‘Can I also welcome the Prime Minister’s willingness to engage in serious conversation, including about the merits and practicalities of a people’s vote.

‘But can I ask a specific question? At the end of last week the Secretary of State for Defence put 3,500 troops on Brexit standby, can she clarify what their rules of engagement would be in the event that they face angry and violent demonstrators, and would they be armed?’

They will face an angry working class. The working class in the UK will not be robbed of its basic rights by any coupists and their state backers. They will march on parliament and shut it down!

It has become crystal clear that carrying through Brexit will take an explosion of working class anger and a workers revolution. In fact, breaking with the EU will be just the first step. The next step will be to expropriate the bosses and bankers to bring in a nationalised and planned economy that will bury capitalism and its austerity programmes for ever.

Workers in France and throughout the EU are watching what is happening in the UK. They will follow with gusto the revolutionary actions of the UK working class and smash the EU, bringing in the Socialist United States of Europe.