After one year of the Libyan slaughter – Forward to Damascus urge Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama!


THE Libyan people are being told that they must celebrate the first anniversary of the ‘revolution’ (in fact, counter-revolution) that has destroyed their country, murdered their leadership, and left the country at the mercy of Islamic militias who have their own prison camps and torture centres, and have destroyed entire towns, looting and plundering while driving tens of thousands of people out of their homes.

It says it all about Libya that one of the biggest crimes there is to be black!

The only things that is secure is the oil pipelines, and the oil flow out of the country to Europe.

All the ‘achievements’ of the first paragraph constitute ‘a price worth paying’ in the words of Madeleine Albright (she was referring to the 500,000 children who were killed by UN sanctions in Iraq to weaken the Saddam Hussein regime) to achieve the seizure of Libya’s oil wealth.

In fact, imperialism has patented a system of regime change, with the object disguised by the liberal use of the most ultra-democratic slogans of liberty and freedom. This tactic was used to destroy Iraq and level Libya, in order to grab the oil wealth. Now the tactic is being used to achieve regime change in Syria, before dealing with Iran.

This mass slaughter, beneath the smokescreen of ‘democracy’, is to be carried out by the most backward and anti-democratic feudal regimes in the world – the monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.

In these states, democrats are routinely murdered while human rights are non-existent – in Saudi Arabia it is even illegal for a woman to drive a car. These bastions of feudalism are the allies of imperialism. The prospect of the removal of the Ba’athist regime in Syria has even seen Al Qaeda mobilising for the ‘democratic’ offensive’.

On Thursday, the imperialist powers, having been checked by the vetoes of Russia and China in the Security Council, took the action to the UN General Assembly.

So obvious is the plan of the imperialists to explode the Middle East and the Gulf, that the Stalinist leadership of Russia and China had no option but to vote against, since, in the event of a victory for the imperialists, they will be next.

It is an example of the most supreme cynicism that the Arab League motion was moved by Egypt, whose military regime has slaughtered and is still murdering thousands of workers and youth who insist on continuing their fight for democracy and socialism. It is a matter of record that the continuing slaughter of workers in Egypt as well as in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia has not been the subject of any UN resolutions, and that Cameron has made a point of visiting the Gulf feudalists and selling them more arms in the midst of this slaughter.

The UN resolution called for President Assad to go and, after it was carried, the Syrian stooges of the US-UK announced that they will play no part in talks with Assad or take part in a referendum that is to put an end to the constitutional role of the Ba’ath Party. The object remains the overthrow of the regime, as part of an imperialist takeover.

It is now just a matter of days before the Gulf feudalists recognise the Free Syria Army and the pro-imperialist opposition as the legitimate representatives of the Syrian people and step up the arming of the counter-revolutionaries.

In this situation, workers in the West must defend Syria against imperialism.

A defeat for the interventionists will create the conditions for the Syrian people to decide their own future.

A defeat for the interventionists will be a victory for the UK workers, whose Welfare State and trade unions Cameron and his cohorts are determined to smash.