After levelling Mosul and Raqqa, the US-UK-French alliance is moving into northern Syria


THE FALSE claims of the Ministry of Defence that there were no civilian casualties in UK air strikes on Iraq, namely on Mosul, have been blown to smithereens by ‘informers’ from inside the US-UK-dominated coalition who have assured the BBC, what everybody else already knows, that many civilians have been killed as a result of UK air strikes in Iraq.

Other coalition members have alerted the UK to the occasions when civilians ‘may have been harmed’, a BBC investigation found. Estimates for the number of civilians killed in the nine-month battle for Mosul – the last stronghold of the Islamic State group in Iraq – have been calculated at the minimum to be 10,000 dead. Many of the dead were being held as human shields by ISIS to try and fend off coalition attacks. They mistakenly thought that the US-UK air forces would not kill civilians.

In fact, over the past three and a half years, the RAF has dropped more than 3,700 bombs and missiles in the campaign against IS in Iraq and Syria. Abdel Rahman Ali told the BBC that he lost five of his children when a bomb hit his home, and says 47 civilians were killed as a result of the air strikes in his street alone. ‘Nobody destroyed us except the coalition,’ he said.

These casualties made no difference to the coalition – they proceeded with the mass bombing and the innocent ‘human shields’ were sacrificed by the thousand. In fact, the UK was second only to the US in the number of air strikes it conducted for the coalition, made up of 75 countries, hitting more than 750 targets in Mosul alone!

In fact, despite the horrors of Mosul, the coalition repeated the tactic in Raqqa, inside Syria, destroying the city, destroying the homes of tens of thousands of people, and killing large numbers of civilians, with the UK playing its full supporting role to the US.

In the UK parliament, the May government has just fought like a tiger to be able to go to war in Syria without having to win the support of the House of Commons for the action. Her only requirement is to inform the House of Commons after the event, if she is inclined to do so.

The reason for scuttling the duty to get the support of the House of Commons to go to war, adopted after the attack on Iraq, based on lies, is that the US, the UK and France are now attempting to set up a mini-state in northern Syria, from which to reignite the war to remove the Assad government. This is the plan that was sealed by a kiss, when Trump embraced Macron during the latter’s trip to Washington, and agreed that French troops and aircraft could be used to support the US in Syria.

The US, having levelled Raqqa with the help of the UK, and killed many civilians in the process, is now establishing its own mini-state.

SANA, the Syrian state news agency, has just reported that while British workers were celebrating May Day, 25 people were killed in the US-led aerial attacks against al-Fadhel village near al-Shaddadi town in the southern part of the province of Hasakah, located 650 kilometres (400 miles) northeast of the capital Damascus, on Tuesday.

In fact, the US-led coalition, with the UK and France now well and truly aboard, (and with the authority of the House of Commons destroyed) is now conducting operations in northern Syria.

Once it has trained the terrorist factions that have been shifted to northern Syria to be their ground forces, they will be ready to strike at Assad with a new military campaign.

The US and UK imperialists are keen to cement their anti-Iran alliance with Saudi Arabia and Israel, through igniting a new war inside Syria to remove Assad. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has already issued a decree that all Gulf States must provide billions of dollars to the USA to finance the campaign. That this will explode the Middle East is obvious.

Workers in the three main imperialist states, the US, UK and France, must set out to stop any new imperialist war in the Middle East at source, by disarming the imperialist powers.

This can only be done by organising socialist revolutions to smash capitalism and imperialism in the main imperialist states. There is no other way!