Zionist snipers shoot three at Nasser Hospital


THREE Palestinians sheltering inside the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza’s biggest health centre, were shot dead by Zionist snipers yesterday, with another 10 wounded, after Israeli forces had dropped pamphlets ordering people inside to flee.

Israeli forces closed in on the hospital and ordered displaced people sheltering inside to evacuate.

About 400 patients are in a critical condition at the hospital, with the facility already dealing with a severe shortage of medical staff and supplies.

The Israeli military has imposed a weeks-long siege on the hospital and has now ordered the evacuation of the displaced people sheltering there.

Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF) said those sheltering there are afraid to leave after people have been shot on the way.

The army also fired on people inside the hospital, including a doctor and a nurse.

The Israeli military ordered people – 300 medical staff, 450 patients, and hundreds of displaced Palestinians – to leave Nasser Hospital.

They destroyed the northern gate of the hospital and blocked it with piles of sand and rubble. Only the eastern gate is open now.

There are tanks and armoured vehicles stationed in front of that gate. There are face-recognition cameras installed at the eastern gate of the hospital.

The Zionists are reported to have set up face-recognition cameras and hi-tech equipment around the hospital.

• ‘We were first inside the house then the Israeli police came in fully armed and threw us all out forcefully and moved us as far away as they could. The demolition is happening as we speak, a jackhammer on the end of a digger,’ said Fakhri Abu Diab yesterday.

He is an activist who campaigns to stop exactly the same thing that was happening to his house as he spoke.

The Israelis say many of the homes in this neighbourhood – al-Bustan, part of occupied East Jerusalem – are illegal.

Palestinians don’t have the right permit since anything built after 1976 shouldn’t have been built and, therefore, is eligible for demolition.

There are about 116 houses in this neighbourhood in the crosshairs and could have the same fate. There’s no compensation, Abu Diab is now homeless. This is something that happens very regularly.

His home isn’t being demolished for settlers, it’s because the Israelis want to build a biblical theme park in this neighbourhood.