Youth Being Treated Like Slaves

Marchers got a great reception in Coventry city centre from some very generous supporters
Marchers got a great reception in Coventry city centre from some very generous supporters

POURING rain made the Young Socialist marchers even more determined and their chants of ‘Youth demand a future, Youth demand jobs’ even louder on Day 7 of the YS march from London to Liverpool.

They were making the 20-mile journey from Rugby to Coventry. On reaching Coventry town centre a mum Karen and her daughter ran up to the marchers and presented them with a £20 donation.

After hot teas provided by the Town Cryer pub, the marchers resumed their campaign in the town centre, recruiting young people to the fight.

Abbie Coleman said: ‘It’s hard for young people to find work in Coventry, there is not a lot of jobs out there. Young people are treated like slaves and skivs when they do get a job.

‘Young people deserve good pay and proper jobs. When youth look to the future, under this government they’ve got nothing. We need to get rid of this government.’

Her friend Katie Greenbank added: ‘I decided not to go to university because it was too much money. I didn’t get into my university of choice and then the fees tripled to £9,000 so I thought sod it, and now, after a lot of searching, I have found a full-time job.

‘I wanted to study photography but now instead I’m working in a pharmacy. This government is not thinking about young people, £9,000 over three years is £27,000 of debt.

‘I think that the March for Jobs is great, because it raises recognition of the main issues facing young people and takes the fight to the Trade Union Congress.’

Libby Hamilton said: ‘I went to university but I was fortunate enough to go when the fees were £3,000 a year.

‘If I had had to pay £9,000 I would not have gone. This is limiting people’s futures and destroying dreams. If you are not lucky enough to have rich parents, then you are stuck. The majority of students in the future will be put off going to university.

‘That’s why I think this march is fantastic, because you are going through a lot of towns and cities with universities in them, spreading the word – it will show results.

‘This is important, really important, and the most important part of the whole operation is to fight for a general strike to defend the right of young people to go to university and get rid of these tuition fees.

‘I really do agree with the demand to force the TUC to name the date for a general strike and to bring this government down.’