‘We won’t sign rotten deal’ say Gate Gourmet workers


YESTERDAY was the deadline for locked out Gate Gourmet workers facing compulsory redundancy to sign the ‘Compromise Agreement’, surrendering their claim for unfair dismissal or any other claim against the company.

The ‘Compromise Agreement’, signed by leaders of the TGWU and the TUC, would also stop them getting employment with the Heathrow inflight meals supplier and any other related company in the future.

Over 700 workers were locked out by Gate Gourmet on August 10.

At the picket line yesterday at Heathrow, defiant workers told News Line that they had not signed the agreement and would not sign it.

Mrs S Uppal said: ‘We told the union we would not accept the deal and want a new deal.

‘They said it’s not possible and that they can’t do anything and it’s the company’s decision.

‘They don’t want to fight for us, they just want us to sign the deal. But we won’t sign.

‘The company wrote all these bad things against us, saying we are bad workers, inflexible and sick too much.

‘It was all lies and we won’t sign.’

Chanan Rattu said: ‘The deal is dead. People won’t sign it.

‘The company and the TGWU are both playing cat and mouse with us.

‘But we are strong and united and all fighting for reinstatement on our original terms and conditions.’

He added: ‘I give full support to the British Airways workers who are facing the sack for supporting us.

‘Please come and join us on the picket. We are going forward to victory together.’

Fellow picket Kirin said: ‘We are going to picket until the last person gets their job back. We want action from the union to win.’