‘We won today in Court’ says Moris after Assange is granted Supreme Court appeal against extradition

Supporters of Julian Assange outside the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand, central London yesterday morning

‘MAKE no mistake we won today in court,’ Stella Moris, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s fiancee said to cheers outside the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday morning.

Moris said: ‘The Supreme Court has good grounds to hear this appeal.

‘The situation now is that the Supreme Court has to decide if it will hear the appeal.

‘But let us not forget that over time we’ll only win as long as this case isn’t dropped. As long as Julian isn’t freed, Julian continues to suffer.

‘For almost three years he has been in Belmarsh Prison and he is suffering profoundly day after day, week after week, year after year.

‘Julian has to be freed, and we hope that this will soon end.’

Assange has now won the right to ask the Supreme Court to block his extradition to the US.

The High Court ruled yesterday that he had an arguable point of law that Supreme Court justices may want to consider.

The ruling means Assange can petition the UK’s highest court for a hearing, stalling any extradition from the UK for now.

He is wanted in the US over the publication of thousands of classified documents in 2010 and 2011 exposing the imperialist war crimes committed during the US and UK bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The WikiLeaks documents revealed how the US military had killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents during the war in Afghanistan, while leaked Iraq war files showed 66,000 civilians had been killed and prisoners tortured by Iraqi forces.

If extradited to the US he faces a 175-years prison sentence.

Moris continued: ‘But we are far from achieving justice in this case because Julian has been incarcerated for so long when he should not have spent a single day in prison.

‘If there had been justice the officials who plotted, who conspired to murder Julian would be in the court room right now.

‘If there was justice, the crimes that Julian exposed, war crimes, the killing of innocent civilians, would not be impugned.

‘Our fight goes on and we will fight this until Julian is free!’

There was a big crowd of supporters outside the court chanting: ‘There’s only one decision, no extradition’, and ‘Free! Free! Julian Assange!’

Before the decision was announced, Joe Brack, from the Julian Assange Defence Campaign (JADC), told News Line: ‘Today is a historic moment in British legal history, considering whether to grant Julian Assange the right to appeal to the Supreme Court.

‘Should they refuse, paperwork will be sent to Priti Patel to sign a death warrant, a living death sentence of 175 years imprisonment – almost guaranteed by the Virginia court for espionage and computer intrusion.’