‘WE CAN’T GET JUSTICE!’ – Jean de Menezes’ cousin


‘The whole thing is a mess,’ Alex Pereira, the cousin of Jean Charles de Menezes told News Line yesterday.

He was responding to reports that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has failed to identify Special Branch officers who allegedly doctored evidence.

Pereira added: ‘I no longer believe we are going to get justice over Jean’s death.

‘I believe the police made everything up and the IPCC has a false basis for their investigation, so how can they show the truth?’

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is expected to ask the IPCC – which conducted a five month investigation into the police shooting of the innocent young Brazilian – to do more work on the suspected doctoring of Special Branch surveillance records.

Leaks from the IPCC report, which the family have not been allowed to see, quote investigators as saying they have unearthed evidence of a ‘blatant and clumsy attempt’ to change a police log entry.

This had noted that de Menezes was positively identified as the terrorist suspect, Hussein Osman. The phrase ‘It was Osman’ was allegedly changed to ‘And it was not Osman’.

Alex Pereira added: ‘what the police wrote after Jean Charles’ death is wrong. The story is a fake showing that the Special Branch falsified evidence.’

He went on to comment on reports that four surveillance officers questioned about the alleged tampering have all denied involvement, and interviews with up to eight others connected to the operation have yet to be carried out.

Alex Pereira said: ‘If they can’t ask Special Branch they can’t find out what happened.

‘They want to blame Special Branch, then they can clear the marksmen and the man who pulled the trigger.

‘The family here and the family in Brazil don’t believe the IPCC.

‘They are working to a fake plan. The police had four days to cover everything up.

‘They made a false basis and then gave it to the IPCC.

‘There has to be proof but the IPCC didn’t show us their report.

‘When we see the report, we’ll be able to see the mistakes. We will fight to uncover everything.

‘We will take this to the European Court of Human Rights because everything is controlled by the police in this country – by Commiss-ioner Blair and all of them.’