US invasion of Venezuela would spark a civil war!


‘INTERVENTION from the US states could precipitate a civil war and lead to a humanitarian catastrophe,’ Labour MP for Derby North, Chris Williamson said yesterday.

He was speaking during an urgent question in Parliament put by the Tory Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Alan Duncan.

Williamson continued: ‘The Venezuelan economy has been crippled by US sanctions, and the special UN Rapporteur, who has been there for 21 years, is quoted as saying: “US sanctions on Venezuela are illegal and could amount to crimes against humanity under international law”.

‘And a former special Rapporteur said that the US is waging economic warfare against Venezuela. ‘The issue is this, there is a real danger. Venezuela is divided, there is no doubt about that, but the truth is millions support the Maduro government and there is huge opposition to it.

‘So can the minister explain why the double standards? Is it that he wants to facilitate another humanitarian catastrophe as we are seeing in Yemen with British arms, does he want to see the same in Venezuela?

‘And does he not support self-determination of peoples around the world rather than intervention from Western Powers?’ Aligning the UK with the US, Tory minister Duncan said: ‘The UK and US are partners, and cannot and will not stand by and allow the tyranny of Maduro’s regime to continue. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the United States and its other allies in saying that the National Assembly and its president Juan Guaido are best placed to lead Venezuela to the restoration of its democracy, its economy and its freedom.’

Meanwhile, hundreds of people have taken part in a rally yesterday, organised by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) in Gaza City, in solidarity with Venezuela and in rejection of American intervention in the Latin American country.