UK protest against Nigeria’s police killings

A section of Wednesday night’s 2,000-strong protest outside the Nigerian High Commission in London demanding ‘Buahari must go’ after protesters were shot dead by security forces in Lagos the night before

OVER 2,000 angry Nigerians demanding their president ‘Buahari must go’ demonstrated outside the Nigerian Commission in London on Wednesday evening before marching to Downing Street.

The Nigerian president and his government is held responsible for the Nigerian military shooting of peaceful protesters at the Lekki tollgate in Lagos on Tuesday night.

The protesters have been demonstrating across the country demanding the disbanding of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) police unit and for its violent abuses.

Outside the High Commission, one of the protesters, Charles Emeka told News Line: ‘We are here to say enough is enough. We want an end to bad government, and the killing of innocent citizens – an end to police violence and corruption.

‘Nigerian leaders are sending their children over to the UK to get the best education who then return to Nigeria to govern more corruptly.

‘They steal the country’s assets, the oil wealth and state infrastructure.’

Kemi Fehintola said: ‘The UK should stop harbouring our corrupt leaders.

‘They steal our country’s wealth and bring it to London as they kill us in our thousands and then they come and hide in the UK.

‘One of those responsible for the Lekki massacre the All Progressives Congress party leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu has left Nigeria in his private plane and we suspect he will come here.’

Another protester, Chuck had a placard: ‘Seize their money.’ He said: ‘Our leaders have bankrupted the country, they are completely corrupt.’

Also on the demonstration, Professor Chris Imafidon told News Line: ‘This is worse than George Floyd, it is much more. It is a war – they are shooting innocent young people and killing them at point blank range.’