‘There’ll be an uprising in the working class’ – says CWU’s Peter Francis

BT engineers on the CWU picket line at the Post Office Tower yesterday morning. The just-sacked labour shadow Transport secretary SAM TARRY (4th from left) joined the picket line which condemned Labour Party leader Starmer for opposing support for workers’ picket lines

‘THERE’LL BE AN UPRISING IN THE WORKING CLASS’, CWU telecom executive member Peter Francis told News Line yesterday, speaking at the picket line outside the BT tower London ‘

‘I agree with a general strike. It’s a matter of time, the working class have no option. We’ve got to bring down this Tory government but it’s the labour leadership that will not support legitimate strike action.

‘There isn’t much hope from a Labour government. Things are getting so bad that there’s going to be riots, there’s going to be an uprising in the working class. Workers should take control and nationalise the economy.’

CWU deputy general secretary Andy Kerr told News Line, ‘The way things are going, there’s going to be more disputes and strikes over the summer.

‘I don’t think there’s a call for a general strike at the moment, but many unions are set to strike – Royal Mail members have voted for a strike by a massive majority. It’s inevitable there will be other strikes and there will be other sectors coming out.’

Ilford South MP, Sam Tarry, who was sacked as shadow transport minister for attending the RMT picket line on Wednesday joined the BT picket line. He said ‘I am here on the picket line supporting communications workers unions’ strikers.

Every Labour MP should be supporting workers taking action. The cost-of-living crisis is out of control in this country. People can’t afford enough to eat. My local food bank ran out of food a few weeks ago.’

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and former shadow chancellor John McDonnell were also present at the BT picket line.

McDonnell told News Line ‘Support for Industrial Disputes among the trade union movement is now absolutely solid. It shows the strength of feeling among our members and mass support for our just demands for a decent pay rise. I support co-ordinated action by all the unions as RMT general secretary Mick Lynch has called for.’

CWU general secretary Dave Ward slammed BT’s massive profits. Referring to the sacking from his post of Sam Tarry he said: ‘The action of the Labour leadership is disgraceful.

‘As a trade union leader, I am talking with other trade union leaders to organise a coordinated campaign. Labour have got their path, we’ve got ours.’