Syria Writes To US Congressmen


THE Speaker of the Syrian People’s Assembly, Jihad Al-Lahham, has written an open letter to John Boehner, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, on behalf of all of members of the Syrian People’s Assembly.

He writes: ‘It is important to note that we have sent an explanatory letter regarding the situation in Syria to our colleagues at the British Parliament, who took the responsibility to exhaust all avenues of diplomacy before involving their nation in war.

‘We hope your honourable members will also take a similar approach.’

The letter states: ‘We write to you as fathers and mothers, as members of families and communities, which really are not so different to yours.

‘Moreover, we write to you as human beings asking: if you bomb us shall we not bleed?! Innocent people will be harmed.

‘Local tragedies become regional wars that lead to global conflict because of the lack of communication among nations.

‘We urge you to communicate with us through civilised dialogue rather than the language of fire and blood.

‘In Syria, we are keeping in mind the American Dream of family values, the opportunity of success in a peaceful environment.

‘James Truslow Adams said in 1931: “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity to each according to ability or achievement”, regardless of social class, religion or circumstances of birth.’

…THE letter goes on to state some ‘common facts’, among them being: ‘the main factor of the nine/eleven attacks was the hatred behind the Wahabi Jihadist Ideology adopted and financed by Saudis . . .

‘One of the living examples is Omar Abdel Rahman, who is actually in one of your prisons from which many parties claiming to be your allies are seeking his release.’

The letter adds: ‘Now, Syria is fighting tens of thousands of non-Syrian Jihadists. Syria is the last genuine secular state in the Middle East.

‘The United States and Syria both suffered, and are still suffering, from the terror of the same enemy which is the hatred of the Wahabi Ideology adopted and financed by Saudis.’

And going on to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt – ‘I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made’ – the letter asks . . .

‘Logically, what is the benefit to the Syrian government of committing a chemical attack crime during the visit of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry to Syria, within less than four miles from the Commission residence at the Four Seasons Hotel?!

‘For that reason we urge you to come to Syria, to send a delegation as soon as you can to see and discover for yourselves what is going on here.’

The letter continues: ‘Syria is a sovereign state that does not pose any threat to the United States of America.

‘The United Nations has already concluded that there is very strong evidence that the fundamentalist terrorist Al-Nusrah Front – a terrorist organisation affiliated to Al-Qaeda – have used a poison gas against Syrian soldiers and innocent civilians.’

The letter adds: ‘In the meantime, we urge you not to rush into any irresponsible reckless action.

‘You have the power and the responsibility today to convert the United States of America from the war track to the path of diplomacy.

‘We hope to meet there and to talk as civilised people should.

‘We must adopt a diplomatic solution, since we realise that war would be a bloody, destructive, catastrophic track to take which does not have any benefit for any nation.’

The letter ends declaring: ‘In fact, the most important matter is that we all face the same terrorist threat.

‘Attacking Syria and weakening its establishments and infrastructure would automatically strengthen the power of our common enemy Al-Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates.

‘Instead of fighting each other, we should be working together to fully implement UN resolutions 1373 and 1624 against terror.

‘Instead of being enemies we should be walking the road of peace and truth together.

With best regards

Jihad al Lahham.’