Students fight injunction against Sussex occupation

Supporters of the Sussex occupation lobby the Royal Court of Justice
Supporters of the Sussex occupation lobby the Royal Court of Justice

OCCUPIERS at the University of Sussex are fighting a court injunction to forcibly remove them from the campus.

Students at the university have been occupying the Bramber House conference centre at the south coast university since February 7th against the privatisation of services.

On Tuesday morning, management served court injunctions to forcibly end the occupation, take legal action against staff and student occupiers, and ban any form of protest on the campus by students, staff and faculty.

The Sussex Against Privatisation Campaign, along with Defend The Right To Protest, called a demonstration outside the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday morning.

The demonstration was called: ‘To show the national outrage at the idea that the judicial system would possibly allow the implementation of these totalitarian measures.’

The Campaign also called a demonstration against privatisation on campus yesterday at 1pm: ‘To show that we will not be deterred or distracted by this threat of censorship.

‘Management have also taken action to cut the Internet access to the occupied spaces, which indicate their intentions to prevent contact between the campaign with supportive groups and media around the world.

‘We once again reiterate the demands of this campaign and the current occupation:

‘1. A complete halting of the on-going bidding process and end to the entire privatisation programme, effective immediately.

‘2. A commission of students, staff and lecturers to be formed, with full remit to re-evaluate procedures and channels for holding management accountable as well as reviewing and extending student and workers’ say in these decisions.

‘3. An end to the intimidation that senior and middle management have used to deter students and workers for airing and acting on their concerns.’