RMT slams ‘bandit capitalism’


THE RMT is demanding action after Better Capital has confirmed that it expects its £20 million investment back while City Link staff and sub-contractors face the sack and ruin.

Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said in a statement yesterday: ‘While RMT continues to fight for justice for the City Link workforce, we know from the thousands of messages of support we have received that the nation’s eyes have been opened to the money-grabbing evil of private equity so callously represented by John Moulton and Better Capital.

‘This whole sordid business has blown the lid off the cosy relationship between bandit capitalism and the political elite and RMT repeats its call for a full and forensic investigation into the events leading up to the Christmas Day collapse of City Link!’

Cash added: ‘Our organisers were out at depots across the country this morning and have reported scenes of absolute chaos.

‘Staff were hauled into pre-dawn meetings with the administrators with the vast majority told their jobs had been destroyed on the spot.

‘A small number of admin staff have been kept on in the short term to deal with a million parcels jammed in the system. It is absolute chaos and the blame lies squarely with John Moulton and his associates who have cynically collapsed the City Link business over the Christmas break.’

Cash continued: ‘The staff are angry and disgusted and up for a fight and RMT remains determined to do all in our power in the battle for justice for the City Link workforce.’

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: ‘The fast track sackings at City Link are a prime example of the unacceptable face of casualised Britain, with workers denied even basic rights to proper consultation.

‘The government must get a grip and reverse the changes in the law they introduced to make sacking workers in Britain so cheap and easy.

Yesterday, the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) backed the RMT’s fight for the livelihood of City Link workers.

Stephen Cotton, ITF General Secretary, said: ‘Not only has there been severe financial mismanagement, we now know that City Link were working with insolvency advisors since November without telling the staff or their union.

‘It’s high time to show the loyal City Link workforce and their families the respect they deserve. This includes all workers; whether directly employed workers, self-employed drivers and third party workers.’