Reinstatement For US All Say Gourmet Workers


MOST of the locked out Gate Gourmet workers who have received compulsory redundancy letters by special delivery during the past few days went to the TGWU regional office in Hillingdon yesterday.

Meanwhile, the daily mass picket at Heathrow airport continued, with scores attending.

Angry TGWU members spoke to News Line.

Mr S Mamman had been at the TGWU office, where he heard from the union solicitor.

He said: ‘Nobody is agreeing. We’re all going to the employment tribunal.

‘I’ve worked here for eight years. The three months outside means I’ve already lost over £3,000 and they are just offering me £7,300 so-called compensation.

‘I want reinstatement on my original terms and payment of all the wages I have lost and I am going to make sure I get it.’

Anil said: ‘I’ve told everyone we don’t want the rubbish money, we are going for a tribunal.’

Mrs S Kaur said: ‘They sent me a letter picking me for redundancy. Why?

‘I’m not a trouble maker, I’ve done nothing wrong. Why me?

‘I was outside in the car park on the day.

‘We were scared. The police came.

‘The money they are offering is rubbish as well.

‘I’ve worked here eight years and they’ve offered me £6,000.

‘I’ve already lost half of that since I’ve been locked out.

‘The company is trying to trick us and the union leaders are helping them.

‘I’m not signing the compromise agreement, I’m going for an employment tribunal.’

Mrs J Virk said: ‘I’m not accepting it, it’s unfair.

‘Either we all go in or we all stay out.

‘We were all united and we are still all united, but now they are trying to divide us up. We won’t accept it.

‘We’re going to stay united and win reinstatement for all on our original terms and conditions.’

Manvinder said: ‘It’s a rotten deal.

‘The solicitor told us they do not guarantee anything.

‘Innocent people with no fault, who have worked very hard, have been given compulsory redundancy.

‘I’ve worked three years and they’ve offered me £3,000.

‘I’ve already lost that since I’ve been out.

‘The union have not made a good deal with the company.

‘Extreme unfairness has happened to us all. So we must all register our case for unfair dismissal at the employment tribunal.’

Mr J Dal said: ‘No deal. People are not happy. We want to go back on the same terms and conditions, same pay, same everything.’

At the picket line, Mr R Singh said: ‘We are very angry with all the leaders in the union who are supporting the compromise agreement and that includes those senior shop stewards who support it.’

‘The compromise agreement takes away everyone’s rights.

‘But we are strong and united.’