Queen’s Speech delayed – as Tory crisis worsens


SUCH is the developing crisis facing the Tory Party that the Queen’s Speech has now been delayed.

It was due to be delivered on Monday June 19th, but will be postponed ‘for a few days’ the Tories announced. The Tories are still negotiating with the Democratic Unionist Party in an attempt to get support for their minority government. However such a deal would pour petrol on to the fire as the British government is meant to be ‘impartial’ in relation to the north of Ireland.

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams, speaking at a press conference in the north of Ireland warned of consequences if the Conservative government is propped up by the Democratic Unionist Party. Adams told reporters on Monday that he shared the concerns of outgoing Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, that a deal between the two could jeopardise the peace process.

‘We do not believe that any deal between the DUP and the English Tories will be good for the people here,’ he said. Any deal that undercuts in any way the process here, or the Good Friday or any of the other agreements must be opposed by progressives. There is a huge onus on the Taoiseach and the incoming Taoiseach.

‘I noted and I think that Taoiseach Enda Kenny was right when he expressed concerns about this deal directly with the British Prime Minister. He now needs to act upon that concern, face up to it, that there is a co-equal responsibility on the Irish government to ensure that all aspects of these agreements are implemented.’

He added: ‘What we need is a united executive which has a long term strategic view which is to the mutual advantage of everyone who lives in this side, particularly those who live on this part of Ireland.’

PM Theresa May’s crisis is worsening by the hour with many in her own party calling for her to quit. In a surprise move she appointed Michael Gove to the front benches. The former justice secretary was ousted by Theresa May after a bitter leadership battle, which saw him turn on one-time ally Boris Johnson.

The ‘Brexiteer’ has returned as environment secretary in May’s new cabinet in a move seen by many as an attempt to thwart a leadership bid by Gove. At 5pm yesterday Theresa May met with the 1922 Committee, who had demanded their monthly meeting with the Prime Minister be brought forward by a day so they could vent their fury over the catastrophic Tory election campaign.