Notts NUT strike action

The NUT picket line at Ellis Guilford school in Nottingham yesterday – teachers are opposed to a 5-term year
The NUT picket line at Ellis Guilford school in Nottingham yesterday – teachers are opposed to a 5-term year

Nottingham teachers held a second successful one-day strike yesterday against the City Council’s plan to impose a five-term year.

Speaking ahead of yesterday’s strike, John Illingworth, assistant secretary of Nottingham City NUT, said: ‘We expect more support tomorrow as we have gained more members after our first strike in March.

‘Our following has increased by about 10 per cent at the schools which were picketed last month.’

Ian Stevenson, NUT Regional Secretary for the Yorkshire Midland Region told News Line yesterday: ‘The second day of the action has been very successful.

‘Fifty or more schools were closed or partially closed today.

‘Nut members demonstrated again for the second time just how determined they are and there were picket lines outside schools across the authority.

‘’Many pupils and parents have commented and spoken out in support of the struggle and there have also been surveys of governors and of head teachers opposing the change.

‘There really is no constituency of support for Nottingham City Council’s actions.

‘The NUT national policy position to oppose the change to a five term year was also reaffirmed at conference last week.

‘Nottingham City Council have failed to consult on their threat to impose a five-term year and they have also theatened dismissal.

‘Clearly, other authorities will be looking at the outcome of this struggle.

‘The next action is planned for 25th April.’

Nottingham City Council has announced it intends to impose the change in September 2013, cutting the summer holiday and splitting the school year into five equal-length terms of eight weeks, which unions argue will be too long.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) Conference in Torquay last week voted full support to the Nottingham teachers’ struggle.

The NASUWT did not join yesterday’s strike but has not ruled out similar action after holding an ‘indicative ballot’.

General Secretary Chris Keates said: ‘The NASUWT has conducted an indicative ballot of members and we will be stepping up our campaign of industrial action during the summer term. This could include possible strike action.’