Luton Mp Greets Ys March For Jobs

Marchers with Luton MP KELVIN HOPKINS who voted against tuition fees in Parliament in 1997
Marchers with Luton MP KELVIN HOPKINS who voted against tuition fees in Parliament in 1997

THE Young Socialists March for Jobs and Free State Education started the day yesterday with an effective early morning campaign outside the Luton GMM plant.

Then, after breakfast, the marchers headed off on the road towards Watford on the last but one leg of the three week long march.

They included a new marcher Darrell who joined in Luton.

At lunchtime a group of the marchers met Unite shop stewards from GMM, Rob Weir and Paul Gearing, who handed them £225.

At the same time they met Luton North Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins and the mayor of Luton, Tom Shaw.

A letter from Unite the union, General Motors, Luton, read: ‘To The Young Socialists;

Please accept this payment of £225 along with our very best wishes. The shameful attack on the working classes by the Con-Dem government needs to be fought hard.

‘Although we may have slightly different political views, we are truly united in this particular struggle.

‘You’re all a true inspiration to those who care about what is happening to the very core of our society.

‘And a humbling example to all those others who’ll moan about their lot, but do nothing to address it.

‘Well done and good luck.’

The letter was dated November 19 2010.

At the same time Kelvin Hopkins told the marchers: ‘I voted against the introduction of tuition fees in 1998 along with 38 other Labour MPs.

‘At the time, I stood on a platform with Ken Livingstone to oppose them. And I’m totally opposed to everything the Tories are doing now.

‘I believe in free state eduction – as a matter of fact that is something they can afford in Finland.’

Tom Shaw told the marchers: ‘I’m absolutely delighted to see youngsters doing something like this.

‘We will always give a welcome to this kind of action here in Luton.’

Today the marchers are marching from Watford to Harlesden. On Sunday the March for Jobs will be assembling at 1pm at Weavers Fields, Bethnal Green Road to march to Queen Mary University, Mile End Road E1 where the News Line Anniversary Rally will begin at 3pm.