Lib Dems Dump Hs2 Policy To Win Tory Seat!

HS2 protesters – the Lib Dems switched their policy from supporting HS2 to curry favour with the locals

THE Lib Dems have pulled off another opportunist by-election victory, overturning a 16,000 Tory majority in a seat that has always voted Conservative.

They did this by dumping their support for the HS2 rail line during the by-election.
Lib Dem leader Ed Davey then said that this successful manoeuvre at the Chesham and Amersham by-election ‘sends shockwaves through British politics’.
The party’s candidate Sarah Green won by 8,028 votes from the Tories, with the Green Party in third place.
Labour had the worst by-election result in the party’s history, with just 622 votes.
The result is a major boost for the Liberal Democrats after their disastrous performance at the 2019 general election and brings their total number of MPs at Westminster to 12.
Lib Dem leader Davey said: ‘We were told it was impossible for any party to beat the Tories here in Buckinghamshire.
‘We were told this seat was too safe and the Tories too strong. This Liberal Democrat win has proved them utterly wrong.’
He said the ‘blue wall’ of Conservative strongholds across the south of England was ‘beginning to crumble’.
In her victory speech, Green said: ‘Tonight, the voice of Chesham and Amersham is unmistakable. Together we have said, “enough is enough, we will be heard and this government will listen”.’
Local opposition to the HS2 rail line, which is being built through the constituency, and the government’s planning reforms, which could see more homes being built in rural areas, were major factors in the poll.
The Lib Dems are now returning to their local ultra-opportunist politics. In Amersham and Chesham they opposed HS2, while nationally they support it.
Some Tory leaders are now worried that their party’s emphasis on ‘levelling up’ and on former Labour seats in northern England could leave many Tory voters feel that the party is deserting them.
Labour voters are urging Labour not to waste a minute and to dump Starmer in favour of a leader that will fight for socialist policies.

  • The US and the UK have agreed to a trade truce in order to fight China.

The Business Telegraph reports that: ‘The US and the UK are joining forces to fight China as part of a pivotal trade truce between the two nations.’
It continues: ‘Both countries have agreed to suspend tariffs for five years in a major victory for British producers …
‘Liz Truss, the Trade Secretary, said the decision to suspend these duties was “fantastic news” as it “draws a line under an incredibly damaging issue”.
‘She said that the two sides could now focus on taking their trading relationship “to the next level” while also working together to challenge China on the global stage.’