Leon Briggs’ family furious! – no action against police after his death


NO ACTION is to be taken against the police after the death of Leon Briggs, who died after being restrained by police in 2013, the Crown Prosecution Service announced yesterday, to the furious anger of his family. His family vow to continue to fight until they get justice.

Leon Briggs died on 4 November 2013. He had been detained in Luton under the Mental Health Act after people ‘expressed concern about his welfare’. Leon Briggs was placed in a cell at the station and restrained.

He later became ill and was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Margaret Briggs, Leon’s mother, said: ‘I am devastated that after almost five long years, I am no closer to finding out what happened to Leon or to getting some accountability for his death.’

The police watchdog passed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in March 2016 concerning two Bedfordshire police constables, three sergeants and a member of police staff, suggesting ‘they may have committed crimes over the death of Leon Briggs in 2013’.

In a statement released by her lawyers, Margaret Briggs said: ‘My son was struggling with his mental health. ‘That struggle should not have resulted in his death at the hands of Bedfordshire police. My one hope is that the inquest into Leon’s death can start as soon as possible. I am desperate for some answers and, hopefully, in time, some closure.’