Kensington Election Campaign

Kensington WRP candidate SCOTT DORE gets support from students at St Charles 6th Form College

CAMPAIGNERS for WRP Kensington parliamentary candidate Scott Dore took to the streets yesterday.

Ayan gave her support to the candidate. She said, ‘I think that they should learn from the Grenfell tragedy. Two years later, there have been no sprinklers or fire alarms in council housing. This is basic safety to protect the public.

‘Also, education should be free for students who attend colleges and universities. Public transport should be free for under-25s because the cost of living is expensive and young people are the future. Society will benefit from this.’

Tamika Ernet added: ‘I am proud that we have someone representing our rights for a change in our society. It’s vital that we have someone fighting for our basic rights and needs.

‘This council is not fit to run this borough after Grenfell – and the way it has treated the local residents, in not rehousing them.

‘That’s why I support this party’s policies and hope that the campaign is a success.’

Meanwhile, in Ealing, shoppers stopped at the Elect Hassan Zulkifal WRP Ealing Southall campaign table outside Southall Market to sign up to support the campaign.

Kim Khongesai, a full-time mum, said: ‘I support Hassan’s pledge to reopen maternity and paediatrics at Ealing Hospital. It’s essential for local people. I had my first child at Ealing and then had to have my second at Hillingdon because of the closure of Ealing maternity. It was really well used and so convenient for local people.’

Chef Shamshir Haider said: ‘I support Hassan because he’s a new young candidate who is fighting for our NHS.’

Catering worker Kokarjit Samra said: ‘Varinder Sharma, the current Labour MP, has done nothing for Southall or the community.’

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