Junior Doctors Want A 35% Pay Rise!

Junior doctors on the picket line at the Royal London Hospital in east London yesterday morning

PICKETS were out yesterday morning at the Royal London Hospital on day two of the Junior Doctors’ strike.

They are determined to fight whatever government comes in for a 35% pay rise until they win their dispute.

On Thursday afternoon 27 June there was a very lively and colourful demonstration of Junior Doctors opposite 10 Downing street .

This was to celebrate the first day of the 11th Junior Doctors’ strike for pay restoration.

Rob Laurenson, joint leader of the Junior Doctors Committee (JDC), told the meeting: ‘This round of action is to hold this government and future governments to account. For 15 years governments have continued pay erosion.

‘We have been coming here for the last 20 months – to protect and defend our profession, and fight for our pay,

‘This is no easier this time, but it is necessary as the NHS finds itself under such relentless attack.

‘The general medical council (GMC) does not defend us, NHS estate is falling down. They are commandeering our doctors’ mess facilities. They cut catering facilities, and cut our pay.

‘They are creating new roles to substitute for you and who are paid more than you.’

‘Our message to the national media is that we will no longer suffer in silence.

‘There are tremendous waits on waiting lists. There are dreadful conditions in many hospitals. One in eight there are unlawful actions happening inside, because you are speaking up.’

He continued: ‘This government lies to us that this pay claim is unaffordable. Well, if they can’t pay for it, they can’t have it.

‘Thank you for setting the tone for the next round of the negotiations.

‘The government must come in good faith and negotiate properly, to restore our profession.’

Dr Marie Tolan from Eastern Region said: ‘Thank you for coming here today. We have to fight year on year the cuts slicing our pay. They push us into debt. And drive doctors out of medicine.

‘I am angry that the government prioritises politics over patients. I am angry that as doctors we have to apologise to our patients every day.’

She continued: ‘Your being here gives me hope. We stand shoulder to shoulder. Our generation has to stand up to save the future.

‘The disrespect of resident doctors (the new name for junior doctors) must end now.

Prof Phil Banfield, chairman of Council, said; ‘Keep fighting for recognition of your expertise and your value.

‘I said we would fight until the next general election. You have organised 11 rounds of strike action because the PM has chosen not to pay his lowest paid doctors.

‘Number 10 is isolated. How unnecessary! What a waste! The billions of pounds covering strikes could have paid the rise twice over. Even Penny Mordant said this dispute could have been solved earlier.

‘He could have said the five words: “I pledge full pay restoration”. Instead he promised £2.5bn for National Service. The PM’s job is not to create crises’.

He concluded: ‘You are not mediocre. You are the very best. You are not there to be abused and taken advantage of. Patients need doctors!’

Dr Vivek Trivedi joint chairman of the JDC said: twenty months into our campaign, we have come a very long way.

We’ve re energised the profession, including Consultants and SAS doctors. And in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And that’s because of you. We now represent over 70,000 resident doctors across the nation.

‘We are standing up across the nation and the regions and locally too We are not long willing to be degraded further.

‘It is important how we got here through sticking together and fighting together. We will come out as long as we need to.’