Iran’s retaliatory operation dispells Israeli invincibility myth

A demomnstration in tehran in support of Iran's retaliatory action against Israel

COMMANDER of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force, Brigadier General Kioumars Haydari, says Iran’s retaliatory operation against Israel has further dispelled the ‘threadbare myth that the wicked and child-killing Tel Aviv regime is unbeatable’.

Yesterday, Haydari stated that the successful launch of hundreds of missiles and drones at the occupied territories in retaliation for the Israeli regime’s April 1st terrorist strike on the Islamic Republic’s consulate in Syria was a severe and crushing response to the Zionist regime.

He emphasised that the destruction of Israeli military bases falls within the framework of Tehran’s success in countering and neutralising the financial, logistical and intellectual support of the US administration and its allies in West Asia and across the globe.

‘The Iranian Armed Forces can now confront any type of threats and nip any threat in the bud, thanks to constant vigilance and watchfulness… The courageous and decisive action of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran melted the hearts of millions of freedom-loving Muslims, grief-stricken Gazans and fighters from resistance factions, and lived up to the divine promise about the victory of truth over falsehood,’ he said.

Haydari pointed out that the Iranian retaliatory attack targeted the Israeli military’s most strategic base and surveillance site at the Jabal al-Sheikh Heights on the border between the occupied Palestinian territories and Syria.

‘The strike on that base and the Nevatim Airbase, which accommodates the Zionist regime’s strategic logistics, delivered a crushing blow to the regime’s decision-making and deterrence power.’

Haydari underscored that the deterrence power and combat preparedness of Iran’s Armed Forces have warded off any act of aggression against the country, stating that the recent retaliatory attack against Israel showcased only a fraction of Iran’s military might and gave the Israeli army a taste of great defeat.

‘A much more severe response awaits the Zionist regime’s forces if they commit another strategic mistake,’ he stressed.

He also stated that the Iranian Armed Forces are now at the apex of their combat preparedness, and the Israeli regime must know that ‘they have created a new equation and will respond to their vicious bids.

‘Armed Forces decisively responded to the nation’s request. Our forces proved that the Zionist regime is weaker than a spider’s web,’ Haydari stated.