Greek Revolution Statement

Youth take part in a People’s Assembly meeting in Syntagma Square, Athens
Youth take part in a People’s Assembly meeting in Syntagma Square, Athens


For a strong class ‘NO’ vote in the


No to the austerity accords!

Out of EU, IMF and NATO!

For a workers’ and poor farmers’


THE Greek working class, youth, poor farmers and small shopkeepers and professionals, must deliver a strong class vote of ‘NO’ to all austerity accords in the referendum declared for Sunday 5 July.

It will be a ‘NO’ to the conspirators and the blackmailers of the EC-IMF-ECB troika, to their allies the USA and NATO, and to the coalition government of SYRIZA-ANEL which signed the despicable extension to the austerity memorandum on 20 February and early this month submitted its own 47-pages of savage proposals for an austerity agreement – despite the fact that in the general election of January 25 the Greek people voted for the abolition of austerity.

The refusal of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government to sign the ultimatum proposed by the troika institutions EC-IMF-ECB last Friday, is due to the tremendous mass resistance to austerity by Greek workers and youth. The ‘NO’ vote will be a huge blow to the European Union-imposed austerity and will strengthen the struggles of all workers throughout Europe against poverty, unemployment and the wars of EU, NATO and USA.

There cannot be any solution beneficial to workers within the EU and the capitalist system which is today collapsing while the eurozone is shaken to its foundations by the world economic crisis. The future inside the EU and capitalism is nothing but a continuous ever-worsening barbarism of austerity and wars.

The troika institutions EC-IMF-ECB and the USA along with their quislings in Greece are conspiring by all and every means. The Athens opposition daily Ta Nea called on the President of Greece, the Head of State, to resign so that the referendum is avoided! The EC-IMF-ECB will intensify immediately their pressure and blackmail and will ‘ringfence the Greek economy’ to strangle it. They are conspiring for the overthrow of the Greek government from the right through a coup and they will not hesitate to use the neo-nazi gangs and security forces to repeat in Greece the violent Kiev coup.

Their aim is to defeat the resistance to the austerity of the workers in Greece and to transform the country into a neo-colony of Brussels, as they have done in the Ukraine and in the eastern European states. Workers and youth must march forward, organise mobilisations for a ‘NO’ vote in the referendum, demanding an immediate exit from the EU and NATO, for the write-off of the public debt, no payments to the creditors, for the nationalisation of the banks and big business under workers’ control.

Workers must not have any confidence in the coalition SYRIZA-ANEL government. Even this Saturday morning, the Internal Affairs Minister Nikos Voutsis speaking in the Vouli (Greek parliament) stressed that even if the ‘NO’ vote wins at next Sunday’s referendum, SYRIZA will continue the discussions with the EC-IMF-ECB seeking a ‘honourable agreement’!

In Brussels today, Saturday afternoon, the Greek Finance Minister Yianis Varoufakis stated that the Greek government hopes for an agreement with the troika until Tuesday and if there is an agreement, then the government would propose a ‘YES’ vote in the referendum!

Workers must smash the conspiracies of the EU and of the USA and fight against compromise and submission.

They must prepare, through a united front, popular assemblies mobilisations and occupations to organise an indefinite general political strike and go forward and overthrow the SYRIZA-ANEL government and capitalism, to go ahead and establish a socialist workers’ and poor farmers’ government, for the Socialist United States of Europe and for World Revolution.

The historic task of the working class and youth fighters today is the building of a mass revolutionary party of the 4th International for the socialist revolution. That is the programme of the Revolutionary Marxist League.