Gadaffi Will Never Quit Libya


LIBYAN leader Muammar Gadaffi issued a defiant audio message which was aired by the Syrian Arrai television channel yesterday.

Colonel Gadaffi said: ‘Youth are ready in Tripoli and everywhere to intensify attacks against the rats, the mercenaries, who are a pack of dogs.

‘Do not waste time on this weak and ignoble enemy.

‘We are ready to start the fight in Tripoli and everywhere else, and rise up against them.

‘All of these germs, rats and scumbags, they are not Libyans, ask anyone.

‘They have co-operated with Nato.’

He said he would live and die in Libya and poured scorn on claims by the counter-revolutionary ‘NTC’ that he may have left the country.

‘Gadaffi won’t leave the land of his ancestors,’ he insisted.

‘They have nothing else to resort to apart from psychological warfare and lies.

‘They last said Gadaffi had been seen in a convoy heading towards Niger.

‘How many times do convoys transporting smugglers, traders and people cross the border every day for Sudan, Chad, Mali and Algeria?

‘As if this was the first time a convoy was headed towards Niger.’

Colonel Gadaffi added that NATO ‘will be defeated’ as its ‘logistical capacities will not allow it’ to press on with its military intervention.