‘We will not relinquish Libya!’ – says Gadaffi


COLONEL Gadaffi made a six minute statement over Al-Ra’y TV on Thursday.

He said: ‘The Libyan soil is yours since the days of your forefathers. Those who are trying to take it away from you are intruders, mercenaries, stray dogs, infidels and foreigners residing in Libya for some time now. They are trying to take away the land of your forefathers. But this is impossible for we will not relinquish it.

‘Their parents were spies and agents for the Italians and now their sons are spies and agents for France and Britain. The same sons and grandsons are following in the same path of their fathers and forefathers, the path of shame, humiliation and treason.

‘All those germs, rats and dirty gangs are scum just like their forefathers. Each and every one of them is the descendant of skulduggery and treason because they are not like you, they are not originally Libyans.

‘Ask about anyone of those who joined NATO, France and Britain in bombing Libya and the Libyan people as well as in destroying Libyan infrastructure and in killing children. Ask and you shall find out that his grandfather or father used to be a traitor, a descendant of treason.

‘Can such a small dirty group take over Libya and take control of the Libyan people’s destiny? This is impossible.

‘They are resorting to the mouthpieces of shame and contempt, i.e. the Arab TVs, the TVs of the Gulf’s donkeys, as soon as they feel cornered and sense that Libyans are getting ready to pounce and escalate their resistance.

‘They ask those TVs to rescue them and quickly release any rumour, any lie as soon as they feel the earth shaking under their feet, as soon as they feel the masses marching on them, as soon as they feel they lost positions they had already attained.

‘They ask those TVs to quickly rescue them and release a rumour or a lie that would destroy the morale of the masses, the revolutionary fighters, the sons of the 1 September Revolution, the sons of great, honourable tribes.

‘Then, those sly mouthpieces rescue them with a lie. They say: “Hurry, before resistance escalates, say I’ve gone to Venezuela”. This turned out to be a lie. “Say I’ve gone to wherever”. That turned out to be a lie as well. We could spend all day denying their lies because they are broadcasting lies all day long.

‘They said I have gone to Niger in order to thwart your will, disband your ranks and influence your morale. This is evidence that they sensed how high your morale is and how the youth in Tripoli and everywhere are ready to escalate attacks against the rats and the mercenaries.

‘This puny bunch (NTC) cannot agree with one another. They will be soon relinquished by their masters who ran out of bombs. Even their jets ran out of bombs. They think that NATO will be forever in Libyan skies. But NATO will return forcefully vanquished. Its financial abilities do now allow it to keep the bombing going.

‘Therefore, they are feeling left alone on the battlefield where the masses will pounce. They scurry to recruit the help of the donkeys’ mouthpieces of shame and slyness. They say: “Help us, quickly.

Release a lie, release a rumour, a propaganda. Say something happened to Al-Gadaffi. Say he left. Say he was injured. Say he died. Say Sayf-al-Islam was hurt.”.

‘This indicates that they are cornered. They feel that their masters have relinquished them. They are turning against each other. They feel that they have lost everything. The Libyan people have completely rejected them. The Libyan people have made their position clear to the world during their million-man marches.

‘They are far too involved. They only have psychological warfare, propaganda and lies in an attempt to influence you. Do not let those lies influence you. You should mock this petty, weak enemy. How is this enemy before you? They are a bunch of traitors, agents, dimwits and infidels who relinquished their religion.

‘They have gathered together without anything in common between them. Their only purpose is to destroy the country. They do not even have a political or economic plan. They are destroying, vandalising and looting the country. You have seen the ensuing looting when gangs entered Tripoli.

‘They looted homes, they took the women’s gold, people’s money and cars. They then returned to their countries, families and tribes with their bounties, waving their weapons saying “this is what we came for”.

‘This is your enemy. Will the Libyan people relinquish their great glory following the revolution, will they relinquish their fortune and the land of their forefathers? It is possible that they would relinquish them to a puny enemy of scum protected by the Crusaders who are now reconsidering the plan and the lies that got them involved.

‘They are starting to recalculate their stance and are about to take a step back. They will leave them in the battlefield alone. And this is why they are resorting to what can affect you, what can affect your spirits, your morale.

‘Now they said that they saw Al-Gadaffi’s convoy heading towards Niger. How many convoys do we see coming from and going to Niger? Convoys of smugglers, convoys of people leaving or entering.

We have the same phenomenon in Sudan, Chad, Mali. This is not the first time convoys come and go through the desert. They are making it sound as if it were the first convoy into Niger.

‘Beware! Be well wary. Let your will be strong. Those falsities and lies must be quashed.

‘God is Great. Forward.’