Dozens more innocent civilians murdered by Israel!

A huge demonstration of Palestinians through Ramallah as a funeral procession defies the Israeli regime

AS the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip enters its 70th day in a row, dozens of innocent civilians were brutally murdered Thursday night in a non-stop Israeli bombardment campaign targeted various areas in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli bombardment intensified yesterday morning, focusing particularly on Gaza City, where the majority of the casualties occurred, local and medical sources said.

The sources confirmed that at least 15 people were killed and dozens injured in the Zaytoun neighbourhood, east of the city, as Israeli military drones fired missiles towards groups of civilians in the streets. Among the victims were a significant number of children and women. The continuous airstrikes made it nearly impossible for ambulances to reach the casualties.

In the Zaytoun area, Israeli artillery targeted six inhabited houses, resulting in additional casualties. Ten of the victims were transported to the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital for medical treatment. Simultaneously, Israeli artillery shelled homes near Salah al-Din Street south of the city, causing dozens of injuries.

Meantime, Israeli warplanes destroyed the vendor stalls in the Shujaiya neighbourhood, east of Gaza City, along with ten inhabited houses, killing at least nine civilians and injuring 25 others.

In the Daraj neighbourhood of Gaza City, Israeli artillery fired ten shells, once again hitting the Fahmi al-Jarjawi School for the second time. This attack resulted in four deaths and nine injuries, with the majority of the wounded being children.

The Daraj neighbourhood in Gaza City also faced rocket and artillery attacks, causing 20 fatalities and numerous injuries. Additionally, invading Israeli forces detained 25 individuals, aged between 15 and 55, after forcing them to strip naked.

In the areas of Nasr and Sheikh Radwan in northern Gaza City, heavy gunfire from Israeli drones, missile airstrikes, and artillery bombardments led to more casualties. Ambulances were unable to reach the affected areas due to the continuous attacks.

Eyewitnesses reported field executions carried out by the Israeli military in the Palestine Mosque Square in Gaza City, resulting in the execution of at least five citizens, including an elderly man. Fifteen others were arrested after being stripped of their clothes.

In Jabalia, northern Gaza, multiple houses around Kamal Adwan and Al-Awda hospitals were targeted by Israeli airstrikes, causing more casualties.

Israeli tanks also stormed the UNRWA school’s square in Jabalia, firing indiscriminately at civilians and leading to dozens of injuries. Several displaced individuals, including children, were detained by the invading Israeli forces.

In the Sheikh Zayed Towers area of Beit Lahia, northern Gaza, the Israeli artillery bombarded residential buildings and apartments with dozens of shells, resulting in a large number of casualties and injuries.

Furthermore, a school sheltering displaced people in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, was targeted in an Israeli airstrike, resulting in at least five fatalities and numerous injuries.

Throughout the night and into the early hours of Friday, Israeli artillery targeted various neighbourhoods in Khan Younis, causing dozens of casualties and injuries.

The continuous Israeli aggression on Gaza since October 7 has now claimed nearly 18,787 lives and left approximately 50,900 people wounded, in an ongoing and tragic toll that continues to rise.

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