THE lawyers acting for Colonel Mousa, Baha Mousa’s father, today responded to the latest evidence given by ex-soldier Donald Payne in the Baha Mousa Inquiry.

This evidence is critically important in revealing what lies behind the death of Baha Mousa.

Phil Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers called for soldiers that held the young Iraqi hotel receptionist captive to be ‘charged with murder’.

The lawyers said that the evidence of Donald Payne yesterday: ‘Confirms that he was using much more force against all of the detainees including Baha Mousa at the time prior to Baha Mousa’s death than he has previously admitted.

‘That all members of the Lieutenant Rodgers multiple (call sign G10A) were also using excessive force against the detainees including kicking and punching them.

‘That he witnessed Lieutenant Rodgers place a jerry can of petrol in front of one of the detainees, a young boy, and then poured water over him and lit a match.

‘This had the effect of making the young boy think that they were about to set him on fire as he had smelt the petrol.’

Phil Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers said today: ‘At long last Donald Payne has decided to tell the truth.

‘We always knew that the abuse got much worse at night when the Rodgers multiple were on duty.

‘Nobody faced charges for murder or torture in the hopelessly flawed military prosecution and all those responsible should now be charged with murder’.

Sapna Malik of Leigh Day and Co said today: ‘Donald Payne’s latest evidence today shows the vital role played by the Inquiry in getting closer to establishing the truth of what happened to Baha Mousa and his colleagues during those fatal hours, and again highlights the deep flaws of the military police investigation and court martial process.’