Blairite Campbell Expelled From The Labour Party!

Rally on March 29th condemning the UK's failure to leave the EU on that date

FORMER Blair spin doctor Alastair Campbell has been expelled from the Labour Party after he revealed that he voted for the Liberal Democrats in the European elections.

Campbell said he was ‘sad and disappointed’ to receive an email expelling him from the party.

The Remain supporter tweeted that he is particularly disappointed by it ‘on a day leadership finally seems to be moving to the right place on Brexit, not least thanks to tactical voting by party members.

‘I have been advised by lawyers with expertise in this field that I have grounds for appeal against expulsion and I shall do so.

‘It is hard not to point out differences in the way anti-Semitism cases have been handled,’ he added

He received a message of support from his former master, Blair, who organised the war on Iraq in 2003 based on lies.

Blair said: ‘I understand why you did what you did. You wouldn’t be the only person I know who had voted Labour all their lives that didn’t vote Labour in this election.’

Blair admitted voting Labour ‘without any great enthusiasm’ in the European elections adding: ‘The Labour Party should stop equivocating basically and should be in favour of going back to the people.’

Meanwhile, a number of Labour MPs are campaigning against Labour adopting a policy of backing a second referendum and Remain.

Labour MP for Ashfield in Nottinghamshire, Gloria De Piero, said the party should ‘respect the referendum result’, rather than back another vote.

Caroline Flint, Labour MP for Don Valley in South Yorkshire, said another referendum is ‘seen by many Labour Leave areas as nothing more than a Stop Brexit mechanism.’

Jo Platt, Labour MP representing Leigh, said: ‘As a party we must recognise that many voted Brexit in 2016 and for the Brexit Party last Thursday for the same reasons they previously voted Labour – deep rooted and legitimate concern for their community. We must provide answers, not ask them to think again.’

Flint also said: ‘Early warning. Doncaster turnout similar to 2014. Labour vote in Doncaster halved. Pro Brexit parties, not inc Tories, up 10%. Brexit Party 45% of the vote. It would be a mistake for Labour to only become a party for Remain/2ndRef voters.’

Lisa Nandy, Wigan MP, added: ‘Baffling that we have Labour spokespeople out tonight saying the votes we’re losing to the Brexit Party are “nothing”. This response is not good enough. We have always been a party that seeks to govern for the whole country and we should do better than this.’