Blair Whitewash –


‘The way things are going they are going to wrap everything up – they are covering up everything,’ the cousin of murdered Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes told News Line yesterday.

Alex Pereira was responding to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair’s ‘confident’ prediction that the police chief will be cleared of any misconduct over his handling of the police killing at Stockwell Tube last July 22nd 2005.

Blair said: ‘I, for my own part, I am quite confident that I will not face any kind of misconduct. . . in relation to Stockwell.’

Pressed to say how confident he was, he added: ‘I’ll just say that I’m confident, shall we leave it at that?’

He complained at the length of the ongoing Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) inquiry.

Blair said: ‘It’s difficult to understand how an organisation can take 13 months to investigate what I did or did not say on one particular day.’

Pereira added to News Line: ‘The last time we met with the IPCC I could tell they wanted to say Blair was innocent.

‘If they don’t tell us who told lies, we will ask for another investigation to find the truth.

‘We know the police told lies. The people who told lies have to answer for that.

‘I don’t think in this case there will be any prosecution.

‘We heard the news of the death and the lies came straight away. No-one came to us and told the truth on that day.

‘We will speak to our lawyers and see what we can do. We will seek compensation for the way we were treated like criminals.’

Commissioner Blair also defended his handling of the massive £2m Forest Gate raid in which a Muslim postman narrowly avoided death when shot and wounded on the stairs of his home in the early hours.

He said police officers have to take tough decisions.

For good measure, Blair warned of another terror attack at Christmas.

He claimed the country faced a ‘level of unparalleled threat’.

Asked to be specific, he merely told the BBC: ‘I think the threat of another terrorist attempt is ever-present.’

However, he admitted: ‘We have no specific intelligence.’