Assange High Court Victory

JULIAN ASSANGE on the step of the High Court after winning his right to appeal to the Supreme Court
JULIAN ASSANGE on the step of the High Court after winning his right to appeal to the Supreme Court

Julian Assange, head of Wikileaks, won a victory at the High Court yesterday with its ruling that he has the right to appeal to the Supreme Court, so avoiding immediate extradition to Sweden.

Wikileaks internet site has exposed imperialist war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At midday yesterday, Assange addressed the media and his supporters who cheered him as he spoke from the steps of the High Court.

He said: ‘This afternoon the parliament of the United Kingdom is considering the matters that arise surrounding various cases of extradition, including my own.

‘The High Court has today decided that the issue surrounding my case is of public importance and applies to other cases and should be heard in the Supreme Court.

‘I agree with the decision of the High Court.

‘The long struggle for justice for me and others continues.’

There was a lively picket of the High Court in support of Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.

Manning is the 23-year-old American ‘whistleblower’ who is accused of releasing the ‘Iraq War Diaries’, and now faces a military trial in the United States.

Supporter Jennie McClean said: ‘This victory is brilliant. We are sick of being considered stupid and easily fooled. We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free!’

Ben Griffin from Veterans for Peace said: ‘I was in Iraq and Afghanistan and I served in the Special Air Services (SAS) and I quit in 2005.

‘In 2008 I was given a lifetime injunction in this court in a secret trial that prevents me from telling you anything I know as a result of my service.

‘We are here in solidarity with Julian Assange, we see him as a war resister.

‘We find it disturbing that a man who has not been charged with any crime is facing extradition to Sweden.

‘I wonder, if he was not the head of Wikileaks whether this process would have been started against him.’

Anthony from the Assange/Manning campaign said: ‘One of the most valuable things that has been released by Wikileaks is the Iraq War Diaries.

‘Any war crimes that are subsequently brought to trial or into public knowledge will reflect upon all of us.

‘George Bush on trial in the Hague is not beyond the realm of possibilities.’