87,000 More Jobs To Go – Gmb

GMB members and service users lobbying Barnet Council against cuts and privatisation
GMB members and service users lobbying Barnet Council against cuts and privatisation

The GMB union’s up to date list shows that a total of 87,374 posts are being made redundant at 107 councils across Britain.

In nearly all these councils a 90 day statutory consultation period is underway on how to deal with these job losses.

Councils have given notice that they plan to delete vacant posts and seek volunteers for early retirements and redundancy. Some volunteers have already left.

Since the GMB press release of December 10th listing 71 councils another 36 councils have been added to the list.

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary for Public Services, said: ‘The cuts are here and now as the tsunami of job losses in local authorities just keeps coming.

‘We have 87,374 posts threatened so far at 107 councils.

‘GMB officers are consulting members on what they want the union to do in this unprecedented situation.

‘These are not town hall pen pushers but social workers, school dinner ladies, meals on wheels providers, refuse collectors, home helps, youth workers, across the range of front line council services that are being decimated.

‘It is the most vulnerable in our community that will suffer.

‘The axe is now falling indiscriminately on people who played no part in causing the deficit but are expected to lose their jobs to pay for it.

‘The debt junkies in the banks, hedge funds and private equity houses who caused this recession have been bailed out using £850 billions of taxpayers funds while the government shamefully seeks to pass the blame onto overspending in the public sector.

‘Statistics only tell part of the story. Every job lost is a personal tragedy and often a family left despairing for their future.

‘What sort of a Christmas is it going to be for the council workers under notice of redundancy? The unfilled posts deleted means there are no other jobs to go to especially in those most deprived areas where councils are the main employer.

‘It’s all too easy to excuse the cuts as necessary – but has anyone thought, seriously thought, about the terrible human cost?’

• The Haringey Council Cabinet on Tuesday night approved initial plans for £28m budget cuts over the next three years.

A council statement warned: ‘The jobs of more than 1,000 staff have been put at risk by the government cuts and consultation has begun with those employees likely to be affected.’