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The News Line: Editorial Hague hands £5m to the Syrian counter-revolution THE British government has responded to the success of the Syrian government in driving the Al Qaeda-supported Free Syrian Army out of Damascus, and liberating major areas of Aleppo, by stepping up its support for the Free Syrian Army to the tune of £5 million.

The priority of this government that slashes benefits and jobs at home – including closing the Remploy factories for the disabled – while it finances counter-revolution abroad, is clear. It champions capitalism and imperialism. This is why it wages war on two fronts: on the poor and disabled at home, and on states that oppose imperialism abroad.

Foreign Secretary William Hague says the UK’s commitment of an extra £5m, which will include more radio and satellite equipment as well as portable power generators, is ‘the right thing to do’ and constitutes non-lethal equipment of the type that it supplied to the ‘rebels’ in Libya.

Armies, especially of the type of the FSA, have to have advanced communication equipment to function, to carry out their killing operations and massacres, and this is what Hague is supplying. It is first-class military equipment which will allow the FSA to massacre the Syrian people all the better.

As well, to suggest that the UK did not engage in any lethal actions in Libya is of course absolute nonsense. With his reference that the UK did the same in Libya as it is now doing in Syria, supplying ‘non lethal equipment’, Hague is insulting the intelligence of the UK people, since in Libya the RAF and other UK services gave close support bombing and killing thousands of people and destroying whole towns such as Sirte.

The problem that the UK-US gangsters face is that the Syrian army and people have stood fast, and have proved that they have the capacity to shoot down any planes attempting to impose a no-fly zone or carry out massacres of the Syrian people.

So the UK and US are way behind schedule, and are now stuck with supplying communications equipment and secret training, when it should be at the stage of bombing Syrian cities and the presidential palace.

They are furious that they have to watch their proxies being driven out of the major Syrian cities, with only the French so far breaking discipline and calling for the immediate establishment of a no-fly zone, which no doubt would be the signal for the start of a generalised Middle Eastern war.

So Hague and his ilk can huff and puff as much as they like, the Syrian people and army are not allowing the walls to be blown down at all.

Hague also uttered some threats, including that the Syrian people need ‘urgent help’ and ‘cannot wait indefinitely’ for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, describing them as being at the ‘mercy of a regime that is hunting down its opponents’.

The UN Security Council, which meets again at the end of this month, has a responsibility to ‘stop the bloodshed’, he said.

In other words, the US, the UK and France are going to have another go at the next Security Council meeting of twisting the arms of the Stalinist bureaucracies of Russia and China to allow them to massacre the Syrian people, Libyan-style, to push through regime change on the basis of creating an ocean of spilt blood.

The working class and the trade unions in the UK must not accept Hague’s hypocrisy, and must oppose the attempts of the imperialist powers to seize the Middle East and the Gulf with its oil and gas resources.

We must not allow another Iraq or Libya imperialist adventure, which will be financed out of the plundering of our NHS and Welfare State.

There must be massive hands-off Syria demonstrations, on the basis that our enemy is at home, and the trade union leaders must be made to call a general strike to stop the imperialist war chariot in its tracks by bringing down the UK coalition and bringing in a workers government.


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