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The News Line: Editorial OBAMA, CAMERON SIGN UP FOR WAR IN SYRIA US President Barack Obama has signed a covert, secret order authorising the CIA and other US state agencies to support the Syrian counter-revolutionaries, the Salafists, Jihadists and Al-Qaeda fighters. They are from everywhere except Syria, and are seeking to do the same job that they did for NATO in Libya: murder the country’s leader and effect regime change.

The secret Obama order was signed earlier this year and goes hand in hand with the appearance of missiles and heavier weapons in the hands of the pro-NATO forces, at the same time as the Turkish military is being mobilised to join the war, and is already planning it from a secret headquarters just inside the Turkish border in Adana.

The CIA’s experience of this type of warfare goes back to Afghanistan, where they organised Osama Bin Laden, dug out his redoubts, and handed over the ground-to-air missiles that were used to shoot down Russian planes. Working with Al-Qaeda holds no fears for the CIA, they have a long working experience with these types of forces.

The object is to carry on from the murder of Gadaffi to overthrow the Syrian Baathist regime, that is secular as well as anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist, as part of their support for the pro-imperialist Gulf feudal regimes who are already fighting the masses in their own countries.

The US has a common interest with the feudalists in wiping out Arab nationalism: all the better to retain control of the oil wealth and advance to a war with Iran.

However, where the US tiger treads, his British hyena follows close behind, seeking to get a small portion of the spoils of victory.

On cue, Cameron has issued a call for regime change in Syria, while his foreign secretary Hague has said that the UK is to increase the assistance it is giving to the Syrian counter-revolutionaries.

The UK would be offering a ‘great deal’ of ‘practical help’ to forces opposed to the regime of Bashar al- Assad, he said yesterday.

Today’s resolution, to be voted on at the General Assembly of the UN, condemns the Security Council for not carrying the US/UK-backed motion that would have OK’d military intervention into Syria, beginning no doubt with a no-fly zone.

With the US no doubt threatening all and sundry with terrible consequences, a majority will be forcibly mustered to carry the motion, which will then be hailed as a vindication of the stand of the US and a condemnation of Russia and China’s use of the veto.

The motion of the ‘democratic’ General Assembly will then be used to launch an open imperialist attack on Syria.

The time has come when the working people of the world, particularly the workers of the EU and the US who are being made to pay for the world crisis of the bankers and the bosses, must take a stand alongside the oppressed nations against imperialism.

The enemy of the UK and US workers is at home, it is not in Syria or anywhere else.

The victory of the Syrian people will be our victory, whereas a defeat for them will be used all the more to crush us at home.

The experience of the Iraq War showed that even multi- million demonstrations, on their own, cannot stop an imperialist war.

What is required are massive demonstrations and a general strike to bring down the coalition. The trade union leaders must be made to tell the coalition that they will respond to a US-UK attack on Syria with a general strike to bring down the government and bring in a workers government and socialism.

Our policy must be to march arm-in-arm with the Syrian people to smash capitalism and imperialism.


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