24-Hour Greek Nationwide Strike

A section of Wednesday’s march in Athens
A section of Wednesday’s march in Athens

DOCKERS, seafarers, railway and Athens Metro workers participated 100% in a private-sector-only 24 hour national strike on Wednesday called by the GSEE (Greek TUC) against the government’s 2019 Budget.

Over 5,000 workers and students demonstrated through Athens in separate marches.

Some trade union branches and student banners demanded the overthrow of the government. Workers and students shouted, ‘Down with the subservient trade-unionism’ and ‘Terrorism is looking for a job’.

The Greek Communist Party and left-wing trade unions, who carried out their own marches, accuse the GSEE bureaucracy of having accepted the Austerity Accords dictated by the EU and adopted by the Syriza government. In the 2015 referendum over Austerity Accords the GSEE leaders refused to call for a ‘No’ vote.