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The News Line: News Vote WRP Vote Leff in Hackney South and Shoreditch
WRP candidate JONTY LEFF is getting great support for the party’s policies from young people
‘I AM voting for Jonty Leff Workers Revolutionary Party because I want the Tories out and I want a party which is going to do something about the schools and the NHS,’ Lisa Eames, a kitchen assistant at a college said yesterday.

A lively team campaigning for WRP candidate Leff won support outside Homerton Hospital which is situated bang in the centre of the Hackney South and Shoreditch constituency in which he is standing. Eames continued: ‘The NHS was made for the working class people and it must remain for the working class. The nurses and the doctors are working all the hours for a pittance. They are overworked and underpaid. Why should 1% of the population have all the wealth? Why can it not be shared?’

A Homerton Hospital nurse in the RCN union told News Line: ‘I am hoping that we will take strike action. We already voted 87% YES in an industrial ballot. We are fed up of low pay and I am fed up with this government. My salary has been frozen for almost seven years while everything else has gone up. This is why I support Jonty Leff WRP candidate and what is more is that I have taken manifestos and will tell all my friends and colleagues to vote for him.’

Pamela McKenzie, a carer who was really angry about zero-hours contracts, stopped outside the hospital and said: ‘I have four clients and we are on zero-hours contracts. This means the hours we work is the money we get. If I have one client between 9am and 10 and then another from 11am until 12 noon, I will only get two hours pay. We do not get paid for the travel time and we do not get travel allowance, so effectively we have to pay to work!

‘This is why I am supporting Jonty Leff and the Workers Revolutionary Party because of their clear stand on zero-hours contracts – end all zero-hours contracts now.’


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