Egyptian Revolution Drives Zionism Into Massive Crisis!


PALESTINIANS are poised to march in their millions on 15th September both inside and outside the occupied territories, and throughout the world, including past the UN assembly building in New York. They will be demanding that the UN recognises their state, on the 1967 boundaries, and reiterates that their refugees have the right of return to their homeland.

The major ally of the Palestinians is the working class of the world, especially the working class of Egypt.

It dealt an enormous blow at the Israeli regime and its US protector when it overthrew the regime of President Mubarak.

Following this action, Turkey has been driven to expel the Israeli ambassador, and last Friday the Egyptian masses continued their revolution by storming the Israeli embassy in Cairo and raising the Egyptian flag above it. The Israeli diplomats have been forced to flee to Tel Aviv.

The Egyptian military, appointed by Mubarak and now ruling without him, have vowed to curb the Egyptian masses and are continuing with their efforts to ban strikes. However, the Egyptian workers are driving forward with unprecedented revolutionary actions that threaten not just the Egyptian bourgeoisie and its Israeli partner but imperialism itself, which is currently seeking to impose counter-revolution onto Libya.

The colossal power of the Egyptian masses and the workers’ revolutions sweeping north Africa and the Middle East has been grasped by the Zionist leadership around its Prime Minister Netanyahu, who in the early hours of Saturday morning sounded the alarm.

Netanyahu thanked the Egyptian information minister for his declaration that: ‘The security agencies shall from now on adopt the necessary legal measures to confront acts of hooliganism. . . and that legal measures should be taken to refer those who were arrested and those who are proven to be involved in incitement or participation in yesterday’s incidents to the emergency section of the State Security Court.’

Of President Obama he said: ‘I want to use this opportunity to thank US President Barack Obama. I requested his assistance at a decisive – I would even say fateful – moment. He said he would do everything possible, and this is what he did. . . I believe we owe him a special debt of gratitude. . .

This testifies to the powerful alliance between Israel and the United States. This alliance is especially vital in these days, in which we can witness fierce storms and upheavals in the Middle East.

‘I also want to note the intervention of the Egyptian commando forces; this intervention undoubtedly prevented a disaster.’

He warned: ‘I want to tell you, the citizens of Israel, something else this evening. The Middle East is undergoing an earthquake of historic proportions these days. Perhaps it can be compared to what happened here almost 100 years ago, at the end of World War One and the new order instituted at that time. We must act coolly, soberly, and responsibly in view of these historic upheavals. We must realise that these events are taking place due to incredibly powerful undercurrents. People in Israel are inclined to maintain that everything is happening because of us, thanks to us, or by our fault. Well, there are far greater forces at play here.’

Now is the time for the Egyptian workers to continue this march forward by building a revolutionary leadership capable of organising the taking of power by the working class and a workers’ and small farmers’ government.

Now is the time for the Palestinian people to take the boldest revolutionary actions to march in their millions on September 15 to drive forward to establish their state of Palestine without settlements, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and with its refugees having the right to return.