UKRAINE – from the general election to the barricades

A May Day march in Lvov, fighting against the Orange-allied fascists
A May Day march in Lvov, fighting against the Orange-allied fascists

AT the present time, the main events in the Ukrainian political life are concentrated in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

After the finishing of vote counting at the recent general elections the right-wing opposition had tried to use the ‘Moscow scenario’ of street mobilisations, which were mainly directed on achieving control over the streets of Kiev, and attempting to repeat the ‘orange’ counter-revolution.

The mainstream Stalinists from the Party of Regions won the elections with about 30% of the vote for their election list, giving them about 130 MPs making for a majority.

In addition, the CP won about 14% of voters.

However, right-wing forces, which include far-right ‘Svoboda’ (Freedom) Party (led by MP Oleg Tyagnybok), ‘Batkivshchyna’ (Motherland) – (the party of ‘gas princess’ Yuliya Tymoshenko, who is in prison at the moment, presently led by MP Arseniy Yatsenyuk) – and UDAR (led by the WBC world boxing champion Vitaliy Klytchko), are trying to challenge the official election results, accusing the acting power, including the president Viktor Yanukovych, of massive election falsifications.

They were copying the tactic of their Russian allies during the recent presidential elections.

Right-wing pro-imperialist ‘orange’ forces are mobilising in Kiev. Their supporters are mainly from Western Ukraine, including Nazi skinheads and right-wing football hooligans, Russian right-wing fighters from the ‘Belaya Lentochka’ (‘White band’) movement, Georgian supporters of pro-US president Mikhail Saakashvili, members of civil organisation ‘NATO – welcome to Ukraine’ (led by Oleg Soskin) as well as a lot of criminal elements.

Right-wingers are organising massive actions, including rallies near the Central Election Commission at Lesya Ukrayinka square in Kiev with numerous attempts at its occupation and physical attacks on pro-government members of the Central Election Commission.

Also, right-wing forces had organised numbers of torch-light processions and distributed leaflets with the call for pogroms of left-wingers, Jews and LGBT.

Under such pressure from the side of right-wingers the Central Election Commission cancelled the results of elections in five election circuits, where mainstream and radical Stalinists candidates had won, and appointed new elections.

This fact inspired the right-wing, especially far-right forces, and their actions became even stronger.

Under such conditions the Workers Revolutionary League – the Soviet section of the International Committee of the Fourth International – called for the workers mobilisation against the pro-imperialist restorationist forces.

The WRL became a nucleus of united front actions against ‘orange’ right-wing forces, especially far-righters and Nazis. Responding to our call, Stalinists from ‘Radyanske Vidrodzhennya’ (Soviet renewal) organisation (led by Volodymyr Pylypyshyn and Galyna Gerega), independent trade unions of the workers of ‘Epicenter’ building supermarkets networks, the ‘Arsenal’ plant and the Kiev Motorcycle Plant, and the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (led by Yevgen Ikhelzon) and some independent radical Stalinists, anarchists and anti-fascists joined the united front.

This united front successfully repulsed attempts to occupy the Central Election Commission (whilst the militia ignored it) and tried to stop the torch-light processions in Shevchenkovskyi and Troeshchyna districts in Kiev (the districts, where far right ‘Svoboda’ (Freedom) Party achieved a high percentage of election votes).

As a result, there were physical clashes between us and the right-wingers and we built barricades at Oranzhereyna and Kostyantyna Dankevycha streets in Kiev for preventing the fascists from making their torch-light processions and their call to make pogroms.

The ruling mainstream Stalinists, including the Party of the Regions are still manoeuvring, and cannot come to any clear decision what to do.

From the one side, they are trying to find agreement with imperialism, they are proposing a ‘wide government coalition’ with right-wingers.

From the other side, they are afraid of the working class, whose massive actions are inevitable in this case.

So, under the present situation, the police are quiet.

At the same time, the secret police is increasing the pressure on left-wing activists, first of all the WRL, making absurd accusations that we are in a hidden support of Yuliya Tymoshenko.

In our propaganda work the WRL comrades insist that the primary task at the moment is the complete smashing of the ‘orange’ pro-imperialist and far-right forces; and we are on the same side as mainstream Stalinists in their struggle against right-wingers.

But at the same time, the ruling Stalinists themselves are seeking an agreement with imperialism; and, after smashing the ‘orangists’, the working class will have to conduct the political revolution against the ruling Stalinists in the Ukraine and the other states of the Soviet Union, as part the world socialist proletarian revolution.

Some fighters, in particular young workers, decided to join our party, because they completely agree with us.

Smash pro-imperialist ‘orange’ right-wingers!

Smash the Nazis!

For the defence of the gains of October!

No trust in Yanukovych and Co!

No trust in the Stalinist bureaucracy!


For the political revolution against the Stalinist bureaucracy in the Soviet Union as a part of the world socialist proletarian revolution!