Syrian Masses Take To The Streets Against Israeli State Terrorism


Syrian governorates on Monday witnessed huge mass demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance in the face of continued savage Israeli aggressions against them, reports the Syrian News Agency SANA.

Intellectual, economic, popular and religious figures in addition to popular organisations, vocational syndicates and unions participated in the demonstrations.

The demonstrators condemned the organised state terrorism that Israel is practising, killing innocent civilians and destroying infrastructures in Lebanon and Palestine.

The protestors demanded backing the brave resistance by all possible means, praising the Lebanese people’s sacrifices and gathering around the resistance in the face of the Israeli brutal attacks.

They called for a unified firm Arab move for defending the Arab rights and dignity.

For its part, the Syrian Arab Popular Committee for Supporting Palestinian Intifada and Resisting the Zionist Project stressed that steadfastness of the Lebanese and Palestinian national resistance in the face of Israeli devilish and criminal schemes have foiled the American plots.

In a statement issued today, the committee described Hezbollah’s ‘True Promise Operation’ against Israel as ‘a wonderful pan-Arab achievement’, asserting that ‘it is not an adventure but a typical battle against the Israeli arrogance’.

The statement said that Israel backed by the US violates all the international laws and charters and has foiled all the just peace initiatives and has put the Arab nation before two options either to surrender or to resist.

The statement expressed appreciation over the resistance steadfastness, renewing support to the Lebanese Islamic resistance in facing the Israeli aggression.

‘The Arab position today is not satisfactory,’ Syrian Expatriate Affairs Minister Buthaynah Sha’ban said on Monday, commenting on the the role of Arab leaders in relation to Israeli raids against Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Sha’ban stressed that ‘all the Arabs are at the heart of this war because what Israel is doing against civilians and against bridges, the Beirut airport and seaport is a continuation of a racist war, which it started in Palestine and is continuing in Lebanon under flimsy pretexts’.

He said that the ‘main purpose of this war is to force the Arabs to recognise the Israeli occupation and eliminate the idea of resistance’.

Sha’ban added that this is ‘something which Israel will not be able to achieve, although the Arab position regrettably makes us very sad’.

Commenting on the day’s mass demonstrations, Sha’ban said: ‘The Syrian people in its entirety took to the streets today in support of the resistance and the Lebanese people and the right of Lebanon.

‘Unfortunately, the least that the Arabs can do is to stand by the resistance against this savage war launched by Israel on the Arabs.’

On the possibility of Syria opening a new military front against Israel, Sha’ban cautioned: ‘Such decisions require a thorough examination and a lot of wisdom and care.

‘Those who say that the Syrian border (with Israel) remains quiet, well this does not mean that Syria is not adopting the correct and genuine Arab position.

‘We had hoped that some Arabs would support the right of the Arabs to resistance, even by saying this in words, instead of blaming the resistance for what is happening.

‘At least, they should blame Israel and its racism for what is happening.’

He stressed: ‘What is required now first is a unified Arab position that condemns Israel for all the crimes it is committing in Lebanon against civilians.

‘This position should be conveyed to the international context to force the international community to adopt an international position in favour of Palestine and Lebanon and against Israel.

‘No doubt, Syria is concerned with this and is making efforts in this context.’

Looking to the future the Syrian foreign minister said: ‘It is difficult for one to anticipate what could happen.

‘However, Syria has adopted a position since Israel started its savage crimes against the Palestinians. Syria was against the war on Iraq.

‘Syria also said that all the Arabs are targeted by what is happening in Iraq and Palestine.

‘Syria tried to achieve a unified Arab position towards what is happening in Iraq and Palestine, but unfortunately the Arab position has not been satisfactory.

‘The Arab position today is also not satisfactory.’

Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received a message from Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinezhad on Monday in which he asserted that Iran stands by and supports Syria in the face of any threat or attack.

The message was conveyed by Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki.

During their meeting, the sides reviewed regional and international stands towards the aggressive Israeli war against Lebanon and Palestine, and ways of supporting the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance in the current circumstances.

Both sides stressed the need to continue consultation over the issues that they discussed.

The meeting was attended by Syrian Information Minister Walid al-Mu’allim and Iranian Ambassador in Damascus Mohamad Hassan Akhtari.

Syrian vice-president Faruq al-Shar’a later held discussions with Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki.

Points of views were identical over condemnation of the Israeli aggression and in expressing active solidarity and support with the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance as well as the importance of seeking an active Arab and Islamic stance to back the resistance and defend the Arab nation’s issues.

Mottaki renewed his country’s stance with Syria and supporting her in facing the threats that are targeting her due to her honourable stances over the Arab nation’s issues and rejection of surrender, the Syrian news agency SANA reported.

This meeting also was attended by the Iranian ambassador in Damascus Mohammad Hassan Akhtarti.

Mottaki said in a statement after the meeting that his talks with President Bashar al-Assad and Vice-President Al-Shar’a and the foreign minister were in the framework of continuing consultations between Syria and Iran for the benefit of the bilateral relations and cooperation and issues of mutual interest for both countries regionally and internationally.

He added that the Zionist entity had carried out a pre-planned and meditated plot to attack Gaza and slaughtered children, women and destroyed the infrastructure.

He said the all-out attack and aggression launched by Israel on Lebanon and all Lebanese areas as well as targeting the infrastructure from the sea, land and air as well as all killings of innocent civilians were all pre-planned in advance.

The Iranian foreign minister said that the Islamic nation and the world opinion and peoples from across the world condemn the Israeli barbaric aggression against the Lebanese.

‘We think that there should be a reasonable way to end what is happening where there could be a truce and then exchange of prisoners.’

He added that there are ten thousand Palestinian prisoners and tens of Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails.

Meanwhile, the regional leadership of the Syrian ruling party, Al-Ba’th Arab Socialist Party, reviewed in a meeting, headed by Assistant Secretary-General Muhammad Sa’id Bukhaytan, renewed support to the resistance in confronting the Israeli aggression, stressing the resistance legitimate rights in using all means and ways to liberate its lands and restore the usurped rights.

The leadership praised the stances expressed by the masses, political organisations and trade unions in all Arab countries which took to the streets in public marches that reflected the stance of the Arab people in supporting resistance.

The leadership also reviewed the situations of the Lebanese brothers who come from the areas shelled and destroyed by the Israeli barbaric aggression and instructed that all forms of aid be offered to them to meet all of their needs.