Sudan marchers demand an end to ‘counter-revolutionary war’

Marchers kept up the chanting from the BBC building to the rally in Whitehall

ON SATURDAY, over 500 people marched for Sudan from the BBC in Portland Place to Downing Street to demand an end to the war on the country, a civilian government and for British arms companies like BAE Systems to stop selling arms to the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

The demonstration was organised by London For Sudan.

Marchers shouted: ‘Free Free Sudan! How many more have to die? Stop the genocide!’

Hodar, a media worker, told News Line: ‘The Tory government has been complacent and complicit on both Palestine and Sudan.

‘Our tax money is going to Israel and for arms and weapons in Sudan. The only way we can show our anger is by getting rid of the Tories.

‘If people can stop putting money into companies like Apple who use Sudanese cobalt it will have a big effect.

‘Sudan deserves a lot more coverage in the media but it is being ignored and it is a very important issue.’

Jessica told News Line: ‘I am here today to support freedom and justice for  Sudan.

‘As a black person, I believe it is crucial to stand up for those facing oppression. A community is the way to freedom and joy.

‘The government shows  us time and time again that they are more than willing to take from African countries but not help them when they are in need. So I  am here today to help in any way I can.’

Patrick Reynolds said: ‘I want the war to stop in Sudan. It is similar to Palestine in many ways – innocent people being brutally killed.

‘The arms industry supports both sides – the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

‘It is going on all over the continent and reminds me of Angola.

‘The right-wing media give no time to Sudan but more and more people are becoming aware of what’s going on.’

Addressing the march as it was about to start, Moise said: ‘While we are in front of the BBC, how dare you not cover this!

‘As we stand here today, we refuse to call it a silent genocide. It’s a cover up!

‘They say that 10,000-15,000 have been killed, when since the beginning of the war, there have been mass graves including one of 2,000 people. The real death toll is probably nearer 150,000 to 200,000.

‘It is not only Sudan, there is the situation in Congo and in Tigray. Do black lives not matter?

‘We call the Tories a regime not a government because there is no real democracy in Britain.

‘The BBC doesn’t mention the £420 million of weapons sold by British arms companies to the UAE.

‘Politics is a dirty game. The BBC and the government are the proprietors of the game.’

Ziyad Kashan, a member of London for Sudan, spoke at the rally at the end of the march, saying: ‘This Tory government, as others have said, is complicit in the war in Sudan.

‘Some of the Tory Party, like Nadeem Zahawi when he was in government, have actively lobbied on behalf of the UAE, including trying to get a deal done for that country to buy the Daily Telegraph and also property deals involving them.

‘Foreign Secretary  David Cameron has also lobbied for the UAE.

‘We demand that the government divest any money and arms being sold to the UAE who support the RSF.

‘We want a civilian government in Sudan. We call on all MPs to call for an end to selling arms to countries involved in what is a proxy war. We want peace in the country and we carry on our fight until we get it. We will not stop.’

Ameen Mekki, Creator of @Sudan.Updates, said: ‘Over one year of this gruesome counter-revolutionary war has passed us now, and yet the violence continues and intensifies across Sudan especially in Darfur where analysts and experts have warned that 800,000 people are currently at risk of extreme violence – with the YHRL even coining it a “Kill Box”.

‘The Rapid Support Forces continue their campaign of ethnic cleansing, sexual and gender based violence, killings and countless other war crimes with absolute impunity from the international community.

‘We in the diaspora need to start calling for the direct sanctioning of the RSF and all outside influences who continue to sustain this brutal counter revolutionary war.

‘That includes those sides also arming the SAF. We can not also forget that Burhan and SAF are also complicit in war crimes and extreme violence against our countrymen in Darfur, Blue Nile, and the Nuba Mountains – and countries like Egypt and Ukraine continue to sustain and supply them too!

‘We must call for the end of blocking humanitarian assistance that is being done on both sides and is resulting in the suffering of millions. This is a violation of international law and a war crime.

‘It is through the continued sustainment and involvement of international powers and actors that the senseless violence we are seeing in Sudan is allowed to continue to happen. It is the international community who ignored the millions of protesters that came out to the streets in 2018-19 and demanded an end to military rule, and legitimised both these two criminals.

‘It is them who enabled and empowered them to carry out the atrocities of June 3, and later on the coup of October 21st and it is our duty in the diaspora and abroad to make people aware of this.

‘This is a counter-revolutionary war – Burhan and Hemedti fight for power to evade justice and cement control over Sudan and it’s people.

‘They are backed by the same malign forces that wish to exploit Sudan for its bountiful natural minerals and resources – prioritising their financial gains and investments over the black lives and suffering – and yet the world continues to ignore our pleas for help.

‘We must continue to act and advocate for Sudan – we must continue uplift each other to call for a ceasefire in Sudan, we must continue to call for an end to blocking humanitarian assistance, for the opening of safe and legal pathways to flee the violence.

‘We must call for a Free Sudan – free of the violence and exploitation of the military and neo-colonial powers – to realise the goals of our revolution, to achieve a Sudan where freedom, peace and justice are actualised.’
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