Russian workers smash counter-revolutionary coup attempt!


PRESENTLY, world imperialism is attempting to enforce its presence and its influence in the different parts of the globe.

The bloody aggression against Libya and the murder of its leader Muammar al-Gadaffi is only one example of this dangerous tendency.

US, British and French imperialism coordinated their efforts in the aggression against Libya, while the Stalinist rulers of the Soviet Union and China, as usual, manoeuvred, seeking to find agreement with imperialism as its minor partner.

Feeling the general weakness of the, in particular, Medvedev/Putin ruling regime in Russia, as well as the economic difficulties of Russia, imperialism made a direct attack on the ruling Russian bureaucracy in the form of a pro-capitalist restoration coup d’état in Moscow, Leningrad and some other places in Russia.

The matter of this right-wing coup was the declaration of the results of the general parliament elections in Russia, which took place on 4th December 2011.

In accordance with these results, the mainstream Stalinists triumphed: the pro-president party United Russia (led by parliament speaker Boris Gryzlov) won the elections with 49.32 % of the votes; and the CP (led by Gennadiy Zyuganov) received 19.19%.

At the same time, right-wing forces received a very small level of support.

So the ultra-liberal Yabloko party (led by Grigoriy Yavlinskiy) received 3.43%, and the far-right party, Patriots of Russia (led by Gennadiy Semigin) received 0.97% and the Right Cause party (led by Andrey Dunayev) received only 0.6%.

All these parties didn’t overcome the 7% barrier and, in accordance with the election law of Russia, will not be represented in the new parliament.

Under these conditions the pro-restoration forces, with the full support of their imperialist masters, decided to use the infamous technology of the ‘struggle against the election falsifications’, which was successfully used by them, for example, in the time of the ‘Orange’ counter-revolution in the Ukraine in 2004.

It’s necessary to note, that some political organisations, which represent themselves as left-wing, supported the pro-capitalist forces and joined their camp.

In particular, the Left Front (led by Sergey Udalstov), the Workers-Peasants Renewal (led by Yuriy Fekolkin) and the Stalinist Movement of Russia (led by Anatoliy Lupinos) are presently in the camp of the right-wingers seeking ‘the honest elections’.

In realisation of their plan, the right-wing opposition called for massive rallies and other actions of protesters against mobilisation, and to try to occupy the Kremlin, the State Duma of Russia (Russian parliament) and the international airport Sheremetevo-2.

Facing this dangerous situation, the workers of Moscow began the mobilisation for repulsing these counter-revolutionary attacks at the main enterprises of Moscow.

Under these condition the comrades from the Workers Revolutionary League of the Soviet Union – Soviet section of the International Committee of the Forth International, based on the programme of the ICFI – intervened actively in these mobilisations providing the revolutionary leadership and revolutionary programme for spontaneous working class movement, emphasising, first of all, the necessity to smash the immediate danger – the pro-imperialist coup.

Our comrades had big successes among the workers of the Red October confectionery plant, the Ducat tobacco plant and the Metrostroy company (metro-building plant).

Also our comrades organised the political meeting in the quarter of the special police unit (OMON) in Sokolniki district, during which a considerable part of the OMON fighters fully accepted the position of WRL comrades.

As one of the results of this meeting, a part of OMON fighters wrote the open letter to the president Dmitriy Medvedev and prime-minister Vladimir Putin with demand to make all efforts for military defence of the Kremlin and other strategic buildings against pro-imperialist forces, as well as to order to smash the pro-capitalist coup.

It’s necessary to note that no media published this open letter; and the deputy chief of president administration, Roman Kondakov, during the telephone call to the chief of OMON in Sokolniki district criticised OMON fighters for extremism and noted that right-wing protesters, while not correct, are also the citizens of Russia.

Our comrades in Leningrad also are in the forefront of the fighting against right-wingers. In particular, the WRL had successful mobilisation among the workers of Baltika beer plant and Leningrad metal-processing plant.

As a result, quite a lot of new members joined our party and Socialist Youth organisation in Moscow and Leningrad.

The first attempt of the right coup was smashed; but the right-wingers are preparing new mobilisations, especially in Moscow.

The mainstream Stalinists, such as the CP and, especially, United Russia are manoeuvring, trying not only to keep their positions, but also not to break the agreement with their imperialist masters.

It again proves the correctness of our position that, while defending mainstream Stalinists in their fight against directly pro-imperialist forces, these Stalinists are not the solution of the problems of the working class.

Our party – the Workers Revolutionary League of the Soviet Union, Soviet Section of the International Committee of the Fourth International – fights to build a leadership throughout the working class to lead the struggle for the political revolution in the Soviet Union as a part of world socialist revolution.