Hezbollah Gives Strong Support To The Palestinian People


Hezbollah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah gave an impassioned speech via a giant screen, during a celebration at the Sayyid al-Shuhada Complex in Beirut’s Southern Suburb on Monday, to mark Hezbollah Martyrs’ Day anniversary.

‘Brothers and sisters: The slogan of this year’s anniversary is the “martyred leaders on the path to Palestine”,’ he began.

‘At first glance in this age, it seems to be a strange slogan.

‘I have read something by someone who says that what kind of world you are living in where you still talk about Palestine and think of Palestine.

‘Of course, if we look at the situations in the region, this will be a normal question.

‘When we look at the region around us, including what is in it in terms of rhetoric, concerns, priorities, internal conflicts in every country, divisions, media campaigns, accusations, exchanged fatwas (formal religious rulings), insults, sectarian and religious incitement, infighting, and bloodshed, it will be only natural that Palestine will have no place in this, neither in the mind, nor in the heart, or emotions, taking into consideration that emotions and feelings are directed towards other places, or even in concerns, rhetoric, or priorities.

‘What is taking place in Jerusalem now and what happened near the Wailing Wall and what is taking place against thousands of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons and against scores or hundreds of Palestinian prisoners who have been on a hunger strike for months, against prisoner Al-Isawi and his companions, will show that (this slogan) has no place in the Arab and Islamic world or in the interest of governments and even peoples and news media.

‘We say “our martyred leaders on the path of Palestine!” because the resistances in Lebanon, all factions of the Lebanese resistance, including Hezbollah, through its achievements, have constituted a strong support for Palestine, the Palestinian people’s resistance, and the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

‘Had the Israeli-US occupation project succeeded in Lebanon in 1982, every hope would have been lost to regain one inch of the land of Palestine.

‘However, the resistance in Lebanon, which foiled the Greater Israel project in 2000 and the super Israel project in 2006, has revived all hopes and created every certainty to restore the land and the holy places.

‘Between the resistance in Lebanon and the resistance in Palestine, there is a unity of soul, mind, heart, fate, concern, and battle.

‘The resistance in Lebanon has supported and backed the Palestinian Intifada and the resistance factions in Palestine.

‘It has also extended all that it could in terms of material and moral support and on all levels so that the Palestinian resistance would be strong and capable.

‘We have always believed and still believe that the available, possible, and realistic strategy for Palestine in light of the defeatism of the official Arab order is to support the Palestinian people to be able, through their own resistance, providing they are the ones who resist, fight, stand fast, and confront, to restore their land, holy places, and rights.

‘This experience has succeeded. It has succeeded in Lebanon when the Lebanese resisted and when they were supported.

‘They have made liberation in 2000, this experience has also succeeded in Palestine in liberating the Gaza Strip.

‘The important thing is that the Palestinian people pursue their path and that we should all continue to support the Palestinian people with everything we can.’

He went on to celebrate Palestinian and Lebanese unity saying: ‘In this context, martyred leader Hajj Imad Mughniyah played roles.

‘These roles were represented in the responsibilities of communication and support, the transfer of experience, and the joint mind and effort between Lebanon and Palestine and between the two resistances.

‘We always thank and express gratitude to anyone who supported the resistance in Lebanon, including the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria.

‘Therefore, we consider all the martyrs of the resistance in Lebanon, particularly the martyred leaders, martyrs on the path to Palestine.’

On Bahrain he said: ‘Here, on these days, we should mention the second anniversary of the inception of the Bahraini people’s uprising, revolution, and peaceful mobility.

‘We commend this people’s ability to endure, stand fast, and insistence on the peacefulness of their movement and their national demands.’

Speaking on Israel he said: ‘On the current situation with Israel and on the backdrop of recent accusations and regional developments, I would like to say that much intimidation has been made against Lebanon.

‘What the Lebanese must keep in mind is that a new fact has emerged after the year 2000, specifically after 2006.

‘The fact is that the Israelis think a thousand times before they launch war on Lebanon.

‘To those who want a proof I say that experience confirms this.

This is the first proof, this means the Israelis do not rush to launch war on Lebanon because of any incident.

‘Israeli statements provide a second proof, discussions, studies, analyses, institutes, and study centres are a third.

‘There are also the lectures delivered by the Israeli military and security commanders.

‘Moreover, there are the air, ground, and naval exercises and manoeuvres that are carried out by the Israelis on the level of the internal front.

‘All these confirm that they are preparing for a real front and not a picnic.

‘On the anniversary of the martyred leaders, I stress to you, beloved ones, and stress to this enemy that it must have a thousand, a hundred thousand, and a million apprehensions about Lebanon.

‘Lebanon is no longer an easy prey or a place for an Israeli picnic.

‘Lebanon is no longer a country that can be fooled or occupied with an Israeli Army musical band.

‘This is not arrogance but proof of what has happened from 1982 to 2000 and 2006.

‘The situation in Lebanon now is completely different.

‘Let the enemy and those who bet on the enemy not miscalculate things.’

He concluded saying about Syria: ‘Some people may say Syria is now in a bloody conflict, and thus it is outside the equation of any battle that can take place with the Israeli enemy.

‘Syria, which was supportive of the July war, is now preoccupied with its internal conflict.

‘Therefore, it cannot be a supporter, helper, backer, or a bridge for the resistance in Lebanon.

‘Therefore, this is the moment that can be exploited to isolate the resistance in Lebanon.

‘One may miscalculate things and say the resistance in Lebanon is now in a moment of weakness or in a moment of confusion and, therefore, he might think that this is a good opportunity to mount an attack and then launch an aggression or war.

‘He who thinks this way, I tell him that you are totally wrong.

‘The resistance today is fully equipped and everything we need is found in Lebanon.

‘We do not need to transfer anything from Syria or Iran.

‘Their understanding of this is enough.

‘Everything we need for the next battle, if it takes place, is available here in Lebanon, and we maintain it here in Lebanon.

‘The resistance today is fully equipped, capable, and complete in numbers.’