Benefit for International Youth Conference is a huge success

Families came in large numbers to the Young Socialists Benefit Concert in North Kensington, west London last Saturday night

A great night was had by all at the Young Socialists Benefit Concert in North Kensington, west London on Saturday night.

It was held at the Harrow Club in north Kensington, right next to the Grenfell Tower, with many local people in the audience.
There was great food for everyone, which had been provided by supporters from all round London.
There were three fantastic acts performing at the concert.
It kicked off with The Stamford Hillbillies, a brilliant street band from Hackney playing a huge variety of favourites, including a Dubliners classic, Bob Marley’s Redemption Song and Reviewing the Situation from Oliver.
They had the whole audience up on their feet and dancing or rocking in their seats with a fantastic set of mainly ska and reggae numbers, leaving the crowd baying for more.
They were followed by J Cocoa, a soulful blues singer who moved the audience with her powerful renditions of the Gershwyn classic Summertime and a Whitney Houston number.
The show was ended by international bellydancer Maria Louisa, a supreme class act who also had the audience bouncing with her delightful, graceful and amazing moves.
The concert was held to raise funds and support for the Young Socialists International Youth Conference which is being held in Athens, Greece from 11th-17th September.
Youth are fighting all over the world to win a future which capitalism cannot and will not provide.
In Palestine youth are leading the fight against the Zionist Israeli state aggression.
There has been mass strike action by workers and small farmers in India which has rocked the government.
In Sri Lanka, where the economy has gone completely bankrupt, the working class and youth have brought down the prime minister and are fighting to bring down the whole government.
Young Russian soldiers are bravely fighting and defeating the US and UK-backed Nazi gangsters in the Ukrainian military.
In South Africa and across the rest of the continent it is the young who are leading the strike movements and revolutionary uprisings.
In the USA, the ‘richest’ country in the world, there is mass poverty and homelessnes and a huge movement to join and build trade unions, with the youth driving it forward.
Across Europe the capitalist economies are completely bankrupt and in hock to the European Central Bank and the IMF and workers and youth are rising up in revolutionary strike action.
In Britain there is a rapidly growing strike wave against the Tory government which must and will lead to a general strike to bring it down.
What is required in all these revolutionary struggles is the building of sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International, the world party of socialist revolution.
Invitations are going out all over the world for young people to attend the Youth Conference in Athens, which will lay the basis for building sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International to provide the leadership required for the victory of the World Socialist Revolution.

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