2,000 March On Eve Of Assange Extradition Hearing!

The front of Saturday’s 2,000-strong demonstration demanding the release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from Belmarsh Prison

Over 2,000 marched from Australia House to a rally in Parliament Square in support of Julian Assange on Saturday shouting: ‘Free Julian Assange! Only one solution, no extradition!’

Among those assembling were supporters from the USA, Germany, Switzerland and a group of Yellow Vests from France.

News Line spoke to some of those assembling at Australia House.

Marcus Warmington, a CWU member from Bournemouth, said: ‘It’s a disgrace what has happened to Julian Assange. He has not broken any laws he should be lauded as a hero not as a traitor.

‘This country has an an unbalanced extradition treaty with the US. Johnson is a lackey of the American empire.

Bob Ardler, from North Islington said: ‘Assange is being targeted because he doesn’t support the lie factory. This government is crawling up the backside of America.’

Lynne Collins from North Kensington said: ‘Assange has exposed only a tiny bit of the truth and the way he has been punished is horrific.

‘He is one of the best journalists and I am on his side all the way.

‘He is being tortured and if he does get extradited to the US they would kill him.’

Zach Gerber flew over from Michigan in the US to attend the march and said: ‘If he gets extradited to the US he doesn’t stand a chance.

‘I am a teacher and I follow journalism and can see this is really about frightening everybody into submission.

‘The US is trying to to resurrect Cold War policy.’

Dave McConville from London told News Line: ‘The US justice system is so flawed it’s not fit to send anyone there.

‘Julian Assange is the canary in the cold coal mine for all of us.’

Francis Raye travelled from Peterborough with her daughter and sister and told News Line: ‘We’ve come to stop the extradition because the US has a one-sided extradition agreement with the British government.

‘Labour have not been any better. Labour MPs were crowing in Parliament calling for Assange to be extradited to Sweden.’

From France a Yellow Vest, Stella Soutelo, said: ‘We have come for the demonstration. Assange has spread the truth throughout the world about the US and the Clintons.’

Hitch Omer, from the Julian Assange Defence Campaign, said: ‘It’s great to see such a big turnout at last. This is what the campaign needs next time or we want twice as many and the time after many more.’

Angela Berni from Wimbledon said: ‘I am here for the lady who lost her child and was killed by an American woman who the US is refusing to extradite.

‘This highlights the hypocrisy of governments in the US and in Britain.’

Eva Badora travelled from Switzerland overnight and said: ‘The attack on Julian Assange is saying he does not have the right to tell the truth. What right has the US to extradite him? He is not American.’

After the demonstration at a rally in Parliament Square John Rees from Stop the War said: ‘This was the most important political trial of this century and we are sending a clear message to the court: Do not extradite Julian Assange!’

Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton, said: ‘Seeing you all here, Julian’s family has grown to an extended family.

‘We are here to free Julian from the Niagara of malice from the CPS.

‘I bring you his affection, nobility of purpose, and strength of commitment.

‘Nils Melzer the UN Rapporteur on Torture said: “Julian has had years of psychological torture. Every meeting in the Ecuadorian Embassy was recorded, every single human right has been broken.”

‘I believe your perseverance and strength of will will be conveyed to the court and this process of extradition will be stopped.’

Tim Dawson from the NUJ told the rally: ‘This is beginning to feel like a movement!

‘There is a profound danger to free speech that this government is threatening.

‘The Prime Minister is deciding who is acceptable to attend meetings. The power of protest can make a difference. Keep up the pressure and justice will prevail.’

Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer addressed the rally and said: ‘This is the most important case in history.

‘If we can get Julian out we can crack the wall of corruption. He is the Trojan Horse. We need to break the wall.

‘He is a victim of illegal abuse sanctioned by the government.

‘I am worried about Boris Johnson. He is an icon of irresponsibility.

‘The US wants to to rule a totalitarian world for the government of America the people are the enemy.’

The current editor of WikiLeaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson said: ‘We are going to win this fight.

‘We are fighting a dark force that decides they can assassinate high level officials from other countries with drone attacks.

‘We must stop this force we have the momentum with us.’

Pink Floyd bass guitarist Roger Waters, who has campaigned for Julian Assange, said: ‘Julian has sent a shiver of light into dark areas that the powers that be want to hide away.

‘Across the ocean in Argentina today, women are demonstrating for the right to have an abortion.

‘We have seen mass demonstrations in Chile, Lebanon, Colombia, Haiti, France and now in Bolivia who are opposing a US-imposed dictatorship.

‘I was interviewed on Sky News yesterday, as I was publicising this march outside Battersea Power Station, by a journalist who came at me like some crazed Don Quixote, interrupting me all the time.

‘I want to pay tribute to Chelsea Manning who has also been framed. She is a true hero who has provided much material for the WikiLeaks releases.

‘All I can say is: You will extradite Julian Assange over our dead bodies!’

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis told the rally: ‘Leaking powers’ guilty secrets is not a crime. We have a duty to stop them from destroying Julian Assange.

‘Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, has said before that WikiLeaks is a non-government hostile media service. He is right it is a service for ordinary citizens.

‘On 10th March the project I started with Julian will begin. Watch out for EuroLeaks!

‘As I speak there is a similar demonstration taking place in Athens today.’

Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray said: ‘Governments can lie, steal, kill and hush it up.

‘Much of what government does is a plot against the people.

‘When you blow the whistle your world is torn apart. WikiLeaks provides an essential role to the whistleblower community. Julian Assange refused to give up a source. That is why WikiLeaks is trusted.

‘A publisher is in prison for publishing the truth when the people committing the crimes he exposed are safe and still in positions of power. It is a crime.’

Other speakers at the rally were Brian Eno, Lindsey German, Tariq Ali and Lowkey. Chrissie Hynde showed her support by performing songs after the rally.

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