Workers must support Russia – the US-UK trade unions must stop war drive by bringing down Johnson-Biden governments!


FOR SOME weeks the UK and US ruling classes have been telling the world that Russia is just waiting to invade the Ukraine, that an invasion of the Ukraine is just hours away, and that after they have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, goodness knows where the next stop of the Communist war machine will be.

For good measure they have assured the world that they will not intervene militarily because they don’t want to start World War 3, the implication being that they will merely stand by and watch the slaughter.

Even the President of the Ukraine, Zelensky has rejected this line saying that it is causing panic amongst the Ukrainian people, that they are all to be slaughtered while the West stands by and counts the corpses.

The essence of what the US-UK rulers want is to involve Russia in a war in Ukraine, that will allow them to arm and equip the Ukrainian forces, send in volunteers and seek to do what they did in Afghanistan. There they bled the Red Army white and caused it to withdraw, leaving large numbers of corpses and an exhausted Afghan people, who before Russia intervened did have a Communist Party government.

The only false flags in operation in the Ukraine are the US’s Stars and Stripes and the UK’s Butchers Apron.

What is behind the whole operation is that the emergence of China alongside Russia has convinced millions that capitalism and imperialism are on the way out and that what is needed are revolutions in the USA and the UK to ensure that the process continues to complete the world socialist revolution.

As a massive world economic crisis of capitalism emerges the UK and the US have only one way out, that is to make war on the working class at home, allowing inflation and unemployment to ruin millions, and to drive for war against the Soviet Union to try to give capitalism a new lease of life.

Already, the class struggle is sharpening in the US and Canada as the Windsor Bridge blockade and the growing US strike wave shows.

In the UK with prices rising rapidly, with galloping inflation, millions of people face a poverty existence, and are worried that the Tories and their Labour supporters are about to try to return them to the poverty of the ‘Hungry1930s.’

France is once again on the road to insurrection and the German economic miracle depends on Russian gas and oil.

What workers require is not a new world war but world socialist revolution. This requires the building of a revolutionary international, that will mobilise the workers of the US, UK, Canada and throughout Europe to complete the world socialist revolution to smash world capitalism. This will create the conditions for the victory of worldwide socialism, putting capitalism into a museum, a ‘Chamber of Horrors’.

While the imperialists are plotting to ambush Russia and bleed it dry in the Ukraine, the workers of the world must form sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International in every country to smash the capitalist ruling classes with socialist revolutions. The Workers Revolutionary Party is the British Section of the International Committee of the Fourth International.

The working class of the world are certainly not willing to become the executioner of the people of the Ukraine, an execution that imperialism is planning.

In 1870, the French workers with their Paris Commune established the the first workers’ state. They held power for just one month before they were slaughtered.

Lenin and Trotsky led the 1917 Russian Revolution and established the first workers’ state and formed the Third International to do the same worldwide.

What is required today is the building of the Fourth International to lead the world socialist revolution to victory in the UK, Europe and throughout the Americas!

Forward to the victory of the world socialist revolution! Workers and youth must build sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International worldwide – to lead the world socialist revolution to its victory!