White Helmets are ‘the right kind of terrorists’ as far as Tories concerned


THE TORY UK immigration minister Caroline Nokes told the BBC that Britain had ‘resettled’ as refugees 100 members of the notorious White Helmets group and that the government was asking local councils across the country to house them.

Nokes told the BBC that the UK had ‘a really proud history of being a safe haven for refugees’, a statement that will be met with anger and disbelief by the thousands of legal migrants who have been systematically abused, denied work, access to the NHS and illegally deported under the Tory ‘hostile environment’ regime.

But there will be no hostile environment for the White Helmets. Instead, they will be greeted with open arms for the reason that they are and always have been a willing tool of imperialism in the fight to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad.

Despite being portrayed by the bourgeois media as a civilian relief organisation carrying out humanitarian aid in Syria, the truth is that they operated only in areas of the country controlled by ISIS and other jihadist groups and worked closely with these groups.

They have a proven-record of organising ‘false flag’ operations on behalf of the jihadists and under the instructions of their imperialist backers.

According to reports, the White Helmets received over $123 million from 2013 to 2016 from the US and UK governments, along with money from Gulf State monarchies.

The White Helmets became notorious over their role in fabricating ‘poison gas’ attacks on innocent civilians designed to whip up war hysteria and lay the ground for imperialism to militarily intervene to overthrow the Syrian government.

With the defeat of the jihadists by the Syrian army which saw them driven out of their previous strongholds in July 2018, over 400 White Helmets were forced to flee the country.

Their safe exit from Syria was made possible by the Israelis and Western powers who then guaranteed a rosy future for them in the West as payment for services rendered to imperialism in its murderous war to effect regime change in Syria.

Contrast this treatment of a group who were openly embedded with jihadists, who carried out the most barbaric crimes against Syrians – crimes which members of the White Helmets are accused of actively participating in – with that being meted out by the Tories to Shamima Begum, the young girl who at the age of 15 travelled to Syria to become a ‘jihadist bride’.

Tory home secretary Sajid Javid this week announced he was stripping her of British citizenship. Under international law it is illegal to make a person stateless. Previously, individuals have been stripped of British citizenship when they hold dual nationality. Begum, however, does not hold dual nationality. She was born and raised in Britain and has only British citizenship.

Javid’s tortuous justification for stripping this from her is that her mother is from Bangladesh and holds dual citizenship with that country.

The implications of this are astounding and far outweigh any consideration about whether this girl poses a terrorist threat; she should be brought back as a UK citizen and if charges are brought against her, made to stand trial.

Basically, it means that the government at any time could rule that anyone of Bangladeshi parentage that the Tories decide are a threat to national security could be sent packing.

Why stop at Bangladesh? This precedent could be used for anyone with foreign-born parents whether from the Indian sub-continent or Ireland.

The contrasting treatment between the White Helmets who are proven supporters and willing participants with the most vile and murderous terrorist groups and this young girl couldn’t be starker. Clearly, the White Helmets are ‘our kind of terrorists’ as far as the Tories and world imperialism are concerned.

Across the world, from Latin America through to the Middle East, the imperialist powers have been carrying out the biggest acts of terrorism in their desperate fight to overthrow governments and reconquer territories for exploitation of their wealth.

Imperialism is the biggest terrorist threat today and the only way to put an end to terrorism is to put an end to imperialism through world socialist revolution.