US-UK Being Driven Out Of Afghanistan!


CURRENTLY, the ‘Friends of Syria’ conference in Tunis is considering the best way for the imperialist powers to intervene in Syria to overthrow president Assad, and begin the big push to smash the Hezbollah movement in the Lebanon and drive forward regime change in Iran.

At the same time, a conference has just ended in London where air strikes by the UK and France were being discussed to aid African Union forces to take control of Somalia which is home not just to small boat pirates, but has vast oil and mineral reserves.

Imperialism is straining at the leash to reorder the world, and recolonise Africa in particular, as the only way out of its desperate economic crisis.

At this crucial moment, on the brink of new imperialist adventures, the imperialist chieftains should take notice of what is happening in Afghanistan where the Afghan people have had enough of US-UK barbarism, with mass murder using drones and ground forces alongside the most provocative insults to the Afghan people, such as US forces urinating over the bodies of dead Taliban fighters and burning copies of the Koran.

These barbaric actions have now brought thousands of Afghans onto the streets all over the country demanding that the imperialist armies quit the country at once.

An apology by US President Obama has only served to pour more oil onto the flames. His plea that the burning of Korans was a ‘genuine mistake’ was not believed by a single Afghan.

They know that the same hatred was shown to the people of Iraq by the US and UK forces in Abu Ghraib and various UK installations near to Basra during their occupation of Iraq.

They consider that, far from such actions being mistaken, they are deliberate and are part of the nature of imperialism itself.

Afghan protesters have now taken to the streets for a fifth consecutive day over the Koran burnings.

Crowds in Kabul are massing daily in the city centre and laying siege to the US embassy, while protests are raging from the Uzbek north in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif to Kandahar and the Pashtun south.

On Thursday at least eight people died, including two US soldiers, as violence flared in the north and east.

German troops are already retreating from their small base in Takhar province to a larger facility in neighbouring Kunduz province because of the protests, amid fears that they will be overrun.

There is now every reason for believing that the Afghan masses have had enough of the imperialist intervention and having seen off the Russians and the British before them, are now determined to drive out the US and all of the NATO forces.

The US is now discussing with the Taliban, in talks in Qatar that are reminiscent of its talks with the NLF during the Vietnam war, which ended with the US fleeing the country as Saigon fell to the NLF fighters.

The message is loud and clear. It is that the imperialist occupation of Afghanistan is being brought to an end, and that the imperialist interventions in Syria, Libya and Somalia will meet even fiercer resistance and have the same fate.

Workers in the West must give their full support to the Afghan people and to all anti-imperialist movements of national liberation.

The same imperialists that are seeking to reorder the world and restore their colonies are, at home, seeking to smash and destroy their welfare states and all of the gains that the working class has made.

For workers in the West the enemy is at home. They must supplement the movement of national liberation with socialist revolutions at home that will succeed in smashing capitalism and imperialism and go forward to world socialism.